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Olympic slalom ski radius?

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What is the radius of the slalom skis used in the Olympics? the tightest I've seen in the stores is 11m (Atomic SL-9) but I've seen some Rossi's with 15, which almost equals Atomics BetaCarve 10.16.
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I just thought I'd point out that a ski's radius is only a function of it's length and it's T / W / T dimensions. Just meaning that a Atomic 9.12 doesn't necessarily have a 12m radius. For instance the 160cm version might be 12m, but the 170cm is probably more like 14m or 15m.. Like wise the 150 would be more like 10m.

As to your original question.. I have no idea. However I have heard that a lot of top World Cup competitors get custom dimensions on their skis. So who knows, they could be skiing on skis that look like SL 9s or 9.12s, etc but the skis could have very different dimensions.
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The turn radii of the Olympic slalom skis are the same as that used on the World Cup, and other FIS sanctioned races. There are no separate technical rules for Olympic competitions outside of the individual sports' governing bodies.

But I don't really think that was what was implied by the question.

The 02/03 Atomic SL:9 is not the top level slalom ski. The SL:11 is, and is pretty much identical to what is being used on the World Cup this season.

The 02/03 SL:9 is very similar to the 01/02 BetaRace 9.12, with the Aerospeed topskin and a RaceCharger plate being the new improvements. Geometry remains the same. The 01/02 BetaRace 9.16 is no longer available in the line. The replacement for next year is the SL:11. Similar materials are used, but refinements have been done. B4 Race construction, titanium Power Channels, Hyper Carbon, WC Racing Base, B4 Chassis Race interface. Measurements as follows;

150cm - 107-63-95 - 11m
157cm - 108-63-96 - 12m
164cm - 109-63-97 - 13m
171cm - 110-63-98 - 14m

So to your question.

The women are most likely running the minimum allowable length of 150cm. The men's minimum allowable length is 155cm. The pure slalmom racers will be using the 157cm, or 164cm depending on their (the racer's) size. In the combined event, the racers who normally ski DH, SG, and GS were using the 171cm model, since dropping to the smallest would be too huge change for someone who almost never train slalom. I don't know what the other manufacturers had their racers on.
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