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Anyone missed spring skiing this year?

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Just for fun... Who didn't get a chance to ski in spring condition much (if at all) this year? Up here in this part of the Northeast, it just seemed that the snow held up really nicely in the earlier part of spring and then all of a sudden the heavy rain came and everything is gone. No slush and no mush. Who else didn't get to wear their spring jacket nor ski the soft bumps?
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I hit some up at Mount Snow at the end of March, but not enough. It has been years since I got a bluebird day, 50 some degrees and was out there in shorts and a t-shirt.
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There was lots of snow, and we were ripe for spring conditions but you are correct, that heavy rainstorm hit right at the wrong time. That weekend would have been amazing if it was sunny and warm, it is rare to hit it just right in the east like that. I remember in 1993 when I was still in college. We had a solid winter and in mid to late march we got hit with what they called, "The Blizzard of the Century" It was basically 2 feet of snow from Georgia to maine. After that the cover was amazing, and suddenly it got unseasonably warm, like 60-70's. Best spring day I ever had, everything open, skiing in a T_shirt, party atmosphere.....

This year had that potential until the rains came. Some mountains still had good cover, we went to Jay and got our fix

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On the same note, ever skied without a shirt and fallen! OUCH!!! In my early skiing years when I had one of those bib like snowpants setups I skied without a shirt with my bib on a warm day, fell and my ribs got torn up.....

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that w/e of rain seemed to cut the season by a few weeks...i did manage to get some nice days in though...MRG march30 - jay was really nice april9+10 (high 50s), and got up to stowe on 14th (best bumps of the spring) and 19th (75-degrees!) - considerable snow loss from former to latter, but still some good cover on much of lift line -- this w/e's rain could be a serious blow...but, no i don't feel like there's been enough! season before last, i still had nearly 5 weeks of spring snow to go at this point (last day may25)...pics of upper mtn bumps on s'bush website look quite enticing - just hoping the rains don't really materialize.
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One Day in Telluride

I was in Telluride Mar 24-31 and had good conditions but only one day of "Spring Skiing". But oh what a glorious day. Friday and Saturday were goggle days with snow coming down (not too difficult to take), but Sunday was a blue bird day, high about 48, great conditions, and an afternoon concert on the mountain washed down with a couple of brews.

Unfortunately we paid for Sunday on Monday. Flat light and east-coast like conditions. Snowed on Tues and all day Wed. Thursday would have probably been the best day of the week with about 20" of fresh and blue sky, but I had to get on the plane and come home.
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Me, I missed, and am missing, it

One broken clavicle a couple of weeks ago equals no spring skiing : Yet : We've got snow : Maybe I'll be good to go in late May/June ? Damn, I could go now if I promised not to fall Again.
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I keep going up to Tahoe expecting a couple days of spring skiing and keep getting hit with Cold storms and winter conditions. Brrr. April 8-9. the 8th was almost white out blizzard. the 9th was almost knee deep Powder until it got tracked out. Then it switched to spring mashed potatoes by about 11:00.

Last weekend was close to spring but we didn't get the night freeze so we never got the nice morning corn. It went from crunchy firm cordury to mashed potato in a few runs. Nice skiing just not "typical spring" corn.

We will see what this weekend brings. Expecting snow above 6000 on Saturday
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Broken Clavicle? Thats a popular ultimate frisbee injury from laying out...
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Yeah, I keep trying to find Spring skiing here in Tahoe but it just keeps snowing. Headed up towards Rose Knob Peak yesterday and found 4" of wintery snow on top of a nice carvable base. Just got back from skinning up to the top of Mt Rose Ski Area and again, 4-6" of wet snow (as it's getting warm) on a nice carveable base. Great skiing, but not typical for spring.
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I am recovering for a re-torn ACL and a reoccuring upper back compression (Causes numbness in right forearm and fingers. SOO I have not skied for the last 5 weeks. However I feel better now, I will be @ Homewood this satarday and Squaw on Sunday
Plan to ski every week untill all area's are closed.
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my ski season ended abrubtly last friday at killington with a hairline fracture of the radius near the wrist.
boy ,am i glad i had my helmet on-really landed hard on the back of my head somehow in the tumble
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My season ended early too. A hairline fracture in the upper arm for me. Hurts like a mother.

Last season was the best season of spring skiing that I can remember. It lasted almost all of March and April. Every day I went up was warm and sunny and the snow was great. The last day at Mt. Baker was like a big beach party. Skied with my Hawaiian shirt on all day, no jacket or long sleeves. I was ready for this season before I got home from the last one. Then this season bit the big one. What a let down!
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I guess we have done better here in Maine, the last couple of weekends at Sunday River have been warm and sunny. Last sunday in particular was a real bluebird day, lots of shorts and t-shirts and even a few bikinis in evidence. No freeze overnight so missed out on the teeth chattering early mornings!!
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I understand that the corn snow the sierra's (and other locations) are famous for, need the overnight freeze. No overnight freeze and you either get mush to start with or wet slick firm snow turning to mash potatoes very early. It takes a good freeze to get the "corn kernels" to develop.

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I belive you are correct, addition it has to freeze after being melted (Softened by the sun) Several times. The thawing freezing + being moved around (turned over) by skiing creates the fast loose corn. Im not a snow expert (Just observation made over the years)

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Was up at Jay the last week of March - 3 of 6 days were absolutely perfect, the others rainy and/or foggy to varying degrees. Between my kid's little league, my softball, etc., there's been no time to go again until now and all the local areas, Hunter, Windham, and Belleayre, have closed. My season's over.

There was a time when, conditions permitting, Hunter (sometimes Windham) stayed open through all or most of April, and I would have gotten in another day or two. It was probably discarded during one or another house cleaning, but I used to have a Hunter lift ticket from sometime in the 90's dated May 4.
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Spring Skiing stinks. I need to start early next year. I continous going to Mount.Creek in NJ till it was closed at the end of march I think and it wasn't any fun at all at the end with warmer weathers. The surface condition is slushy and wet and it just don't feel like skiing if you feel sun warming on your skin...........BTW Mount.Creek in NJ stinks also .....only goes there cause I have free tickets for the season. Next year I wouldn't go back unless they pay me to
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Good Morning Skiers and Riders. Today's conditions are 33 degrees with a snowpack of 98 inches. The winds are Calm and the Skies are Clear........Mt.Bachelors report today. Guess I'll go up for a few runs.
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dchan and MTT have got it right. The corn factory has been working very nicely at Mt. Baldy most of April. In the Sierra it will be May this year. It is rare to get this working right in the east because typically when it's warm enough during the day it's also warm at night and the snow doesn't freeze.
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Spring skiing in Maine has been outstanding this year. We still have great coverage at Sugarloaf and are still skiing the front face and in the trees. The one weekend of rain didn't hurt at all and after the rain we got more snow. Last weekend was one of the best eastern spring weekends in a long time. 50-60 degrees, no clouds, corn and mashed potatos. Tough to complain.
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hate to gloat, but the last 2 weekends at Sugarloaf have been nothing short of fabulous spring skiing. sorry for any easterners who couldn't make it becuase the cover was great, warm temps and enough freezer thaw had already happened so that the surfaces didn't have the mash potato problem- OK reggae was great too-

best spring for me in many years & I love spring skiing-
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Spring skiing

This Sunday, April 17th closed Belleayre Mt. in NY. The skiing was very good. A little mushy near the bottom in the afternoon. Very warm. Skied Killington Vt. on Mon. and Tues. 18th and 19th. Both days were very good. Started out firm and got soft as the day went on. Lots of sunshine and very warm. There was a lot of terrain open. Double Dipper was great. Bumps from top to bottom. It takes a real man or woman to last a whole day. Be back Cinco de Mayo weekend to end the season. Should still be good. They are closing on 5/15/05
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Friday was pretty sweet at Sugarbowl (finally a "spring day")

It rained until pretty late last night and then was covered by few inches of very wet snow this morning. Can you say "wet sierra cement"?

Today it was interesting to say the least. Ever ski in the rain? The snow had that consistancy but without the rain fall to get you wet. (thank goodness)

It had rained enough last night to break up the hardpack "ice" underneath and the 3-4 inches on top made it kind of fun. With the hardpack actually medium soft crunchy stuff you could get some bite in the snow to get the skis turning but because the snow was so heavy you really couldn't push the snow around much. Then around 1:00 it started to warm up and snow at the same time. Even on some fairly steep stuff that had been skied out I could almost go straight down and not pick up speed. (talk about suction) By then my legs were pretty beat so I called it a day.

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Actually, I have enjoyed skiing in the rain before (Windham and Killington, at least). I always liked the way that it set up the snow. I bet that was fun this morning.

It's been a while since I've made turns at Sugar Bowl... Now that I've met so many Bears, I need to get back out to Tahoe next season!
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I don't like skiing in the rain. I only did it once for about 20-30 mins. Good thing my day was coming to an end anyway. The rain stuck to my ski jacket and froze. I was a solid sheet of ice.
Anyway about spring skiing..I unfortunately did not make it. I wanted to go sometime in March before the slopes closed, but could not get a trip together...
My last glorious days were in Feb for my b-day. 3 days straight of skiing, I always talk about that....It was great!
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Originally Posted by oldtimer
hate to gloat, ... best spring for me in many years & I love spring skiing-
Yeah, you are gloating! My feeling is hurt!
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Originally Posted by dchan
Ever ski in the rain? The snow had that consistancy but without the rain fall to get you wet. (thank goodness)
I think some call that corn as well out this way. The little ball bearing are fast and soft when the rain first hits. It can be quite fun if you don't mind being wet (I do). Once the rain soaks in though, it's another thing (a mushy one).
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The only condition close to being spring for me was at the very base for a day or so. My season ended at Gore on 3/26 where it was still pretty firm (but nice). I skipped the w/e after because it poured. It just so happened to be our local mountain's last days before closing for the season. I still wanted more but can't make another trip out. Oh well, I guess my new spring jacket can wait til next year.
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