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Can anyone give me a firm US$ "pro deal" (employed at Vail SS)price on a pair of K2 Axis XR in 167 length with Salomon S912Ti and a Poweraxe SL plate ??

I would want to pick them up in Vail around mid December.

These will be my "new short turn" skis for the frontside.

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Instead of the s912ti binding get the s912 AXE+ or s914 AXE+ on top of the poweraxe plate. They give you a scary fun amount of lift on your skis [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] Probly the pro deal on that isnt going to be that great... but the k2 skis this season are also being offered with epb's plates on them (with the K2 logo stamped on them) so you may want to try those instead of the salomon plate. You may get a better price if you buy the plate with the skis...
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You are right about the bindings .... what was I thinking.

I will settle for just a best price on the skis ??? anyone ???

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Pro Deals are for ski pros. Abusing those priveledges will help end the program. If you are infact a ski school instructor, get the pro form from your director.
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How is a ski instructor not a "ski pro"?

They make their living from skiing. Sure they don't jump off cliffs and get in movies/magazines but they are still professional people.
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Seth, read my post again. I never once wrote that a ski instructor is not a ski pro. I said that the pro forms were for ski pros, and that if the original poster was indeed a certified ski instructor, he should contact his ski school director for the pro form. I guess proper english doesn't translate to Australian.
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BetaRacer - I think that Seth simply couldn't fathom why in the world you were doubting that "man from oz" is an instructor with a valid SS affiliation. In pondering this, my guess is that Seth came up with a possible explanation in thinking that you were making some sort of obscure distinction between "pro" and "instructor", hence the confusion.

From his many posts on EpicSki about ski instruction, I think that most people here would have absolutely no reason to doubt Oz's claim of affiliation with the Vail SS, and hence a simple "get the form from the Vail SSD" would have sufficied (ie, without implicitly questioning Oz's integrity, or subsequently, Seth's reading comprehension).

Tom / PM
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Originally posted by PhysicsMan:
hence a simple "get the form from the Vail SSD" would have sufficied (ie, without implicitly questioning Oz's integrity, or subsequently, Seth's reading comprehension).

Tom / PM
Betaracer, what he said. Don't be a tosser. And don't be a racial bigot, either. It may be true that Canadians are smarter than Australians. But if it is, you're not helping that.
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I’m still intrigued as to why a Vail ski instructor would be resorting to an internet bulletin board for obtaining pro form deals that would seemingly be easily obtained via the ski school.
(I’m also somewhat intrigued as to how the serious offense of racial bigotry can tossed around so lightly as to apply to mild mocking of one’s nationality.)
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Gee, I thought he was just asking about prices and that he would get the proform paperwork from the SS when he arrived for work in December.

Sorry MFO, I do not have any price data.
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Contact your SSD and let him/her know what you are trying to get your hands on. He/She will need to sign off on the proform as well so you should just contact Vail directly.

I understand the "pre-request". Since most mfg only release a certain amount of "pro-form_ equipment, often the more popular stuff goes real fast. I am guessing (correct me if I'm off here OZ) that OZ is trying to get the pair he wants at least set aside until he get's here. Good luck!
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Cold Water - That was exactly my interpretation as well: He's probably still in Aus right now, didn't want to have to haul a pair of skis with him, but wanted to lock in a deal and have the skis that he wants waiting for him when he shows up for work at Vail in Dec. He'll obviously have to speak for himself, but with a simple interpretation like that available, I stand by my previous comment that any questioning his integrity was totally uncalled for.

Bergkamp said: "... Don't be a tosser ..." I have no idea what that (Aus?) slang means. Care to explain?

Bergkamp went on to say: "... And don't be a racial bigot, either. It may be true that Canadians are smarter than Australians. But if it is, you're not helping that. ..."

Jonathan, thanks, but I don't think its a big deal. Given where Bergkamp is from, I'm pretty sure that the above sentence was not meant to be taken seriously. I think he is making some sort of joke based on my use of the word "Oz's" as shorthand for "Man from Oz's". At least, I hope that is all he meant.

Unfortunately, this seems to be another example of where on-line humor can be easily misinterpreted without face-to-face interaction. An emoticon or two would definitely have helped out here. For all I know, these guys all know each other and like to poke each other whenever they get the chance.

Tom / PM

[ September 23, 2002, 07:09 PM: Message edited by: PhysicsMan ]
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Jonathon S., it was an accusation, not an offense (sic). Further, it's not really a serious one, or if it is it was warranted. The word bigotry describes prejediced or intolerant behaviour or speech. Suggesting that someone was unable to understand something because he was Australian shows prejudice or intolerance. End of story.

Physics man, a tosser is Aussie/English slang for a wanker.
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Bergkamp, that's quite a different story you're describing, as to accuse someone of being a racial (a key word you omitted from your defense) bigot is to make light of a serious offense (American spelling) against humankind. I assume you were just trying to be humorous, and if you had left it at "bigot," it would have been, but tossing around the phrase "racial bigot" so lightheartedly just isn't funny. (Although of course far less harmonious things have been written at this website, so I suppose I should adjust my standards far downward...)
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I guess some people have thin skin. I appologize profusely to those who were offended by my comments.

I still think that the original poster should contact the ski school for the info he wants. The primary reason is that if he is entitled to the deals offered to ski pros, then he will get them through the proper channels. Secondly, the prices of equipment offered via pro-form should not be known to retail consumers. Ski pros should never reveal how much they paid, since it can upset others who paid more.

Pro forms are only for the ski pro. I make certain that there are no buddy deals when I process the forms. Its pretty easy to figure out if the system is abused.

I typed this really slowly so that our friends from down under could read it easier.
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So those Atomics must really be overpriced.

Tosser, I like that.
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Tosser, I like that.
What you do in the privacy of your home is your business. We don't need to know how you pass the time between ski seasons.
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Damn folks, poor guy just asked a price... Anyhow, proform isnt really too big of a deal if you ask me. There are so many shops who have race nights etc. that proform prices arent really needed. Granted the pro price is still lower than a race night price, but its still a descent amount off the retail price. Designed for racers, ski patrolers, and instructors. I know a lot of good racers who receive equipement from company reps. Is there a difference between the deals racers receive and what instructors receive? I was always under the assumption that they were one in the same, but i was also aware that college racers and USSA racers were not elligible for proform, at least that is what i have been told... Oh well, if you ask me i still think proform prices are expensive... skis are expensive.
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Ah the internet .... such a hotbed of interpretations.

Okay yes I was just hunting a price mainly for a OZ\US$ comparison. The exchange rate thing makes a huge difference. I know a few reps and how the pro deal system works. (Atomic\Dynamic\Volkl gave me skis in the 80s)

Pretty soon we will have end of season sales down under and in my hunt for the best deal on what is always expensive equipment I though I would start here.

I cannot get pro deals down under as I do not work in SS here anymore and anyway the "pro deal" has been whittled away over the years and quite often the end of season sales are a better bet. If I do not find a bargain at the end of season sales gigs I know who to get the skis from in Vail and will probably order them around the end of October. That said quite often European and Austrian ski web sites have excellent deals so that is always another source of "bets price" comparions.

BetaRace do not stress. How much for a pair of 180 11.20s with 412 bindings? PM me.

I travel pretty light in the quiver department and shop for the best deal wherever it can be found.

(I am interested in the K2s because of the ski and the price)

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

[ September 24, 2002, 02:51 PM: Message edited by: man from oz ]
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Originally posted by Jonathan S.:
racial (a key word you omitted from your defense) bigot is to make light of a serious offense (American spelling) against humankind.
1 - If I omitted the word racial it was unintentional. Making prejudicial comments about a person's country of origin is indeed racial.

2 - I was aware of the American spelling. Just don't like it

3 - Stress less.

Hey, we get to go skiing in like 2 months time. Life is not too bad at all.

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I can attest to Oz's validity as a ski pro. We work together at Lionshead in Vail.

I am the K2 pro rep at LH and have contacted him directly via PM.

The amount of posting which happened during this is unbelievable!The old phrase- "Making mountains out of molehills" comes to mind.

By the way OZ- 6" at Beaver Creek the other day, but now it's all pretty much melted away. I was flying around in the mountains the day after, and I must say- it did my heart good to see that white stuff. Especially after such a long, hot summer!

Looking forward to seeing you back here this winter! :

[ September 24, 2002, 09:50 PM: Message edited by: vail snopro ]
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