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Elan or Atomic

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im looking to buy some new skis, and was wondering which would be better for me. I was looking at the Elan M777 or the Atomic m:ex puls-ti. Im 6'5" and 205lbs. so i need a pretty good size boat. Any info would be great, thanks
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skiingmadman, welcome to EpicSki!

We'll need some more info to help. Given your choices, it looks like you must ski in "deep snow country" like Utah or Tahoe-area. But, if you'd share your preferences in terms of turn shape, speed, terrain, conditions, etc. that would help.
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I agree with "ssh". But, given the fact that you've done your research and basically know what you want then I suggest the 777. Great ski bar none. A no speed limit wood-core sandwich ski with LOTS of backbone. I like it so much I ski it both alpine and tele.

Assuming your interested in alpine, my set up is 177mm with Look 12P's mounted flat. Great ski, greater binding. I'm 5' 10" and 170 so you'll want longer, obviously. I think the next size is 184mm. Finding deals on this ski is quite easy.

I definitely rate the 777 as an underappreicated sleeper with something of a cult following. Most of my snow is in CO, WY and MT with the occasional foray to Alta. Extremely rarely do I wish I had more (a wider) board.
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Actually i do ski Tahoe all the time. I like to ski powder usually, 'till the end of the day when im just too tired. then ill stick to the groomed(well, it's pretty chopy by then), where i look for high speeds, and pretty good sized turns.

I like what you have to say about the Elan's Waterengineer. They sound awesome, and to be honest i was leaning tward them anyway(i just wanted to see if anyone has anything to say that would sway me to the Atomics).

Now for the size, do you think 192's are necessary? I think the m:ex puls-ti's only go up to 180mm.
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I've got to agree with everything Waterengineer says about the 777's, I set a pair up with AT bindings and like them enough that I'm looking for another pair to mount alpine. At 6'2" and 190lbs, the 184's are perfect. The ski is solid enough to really not have a speed limit at that length and are still short enough to toss around quickly in the trees or tight spots.
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