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i can only advice to demo each ski with a flexible bindingplate and find the
best position for your style. i do this since many years and sometimes i find myself very comfortable with the original position but sometimes i have to go front by up to 4 cm!
it all depends on your personal liking.
if to much front the ski will turn to easy and vis versa.
for me the best way to determin the sweetspot of the binding position is by
tilting the ski on the edge and when it does a smooth carve probably the postion is ok but sometimes the ski flexes uneven, ie. front and tail does a nice arc but midski does not flex in the same arc. that may be antoher reason
for lousy arcs on snow.
but that does not mean the ski is no good, it is just not good for carving but maybe still ok for small quick turns or call it "old style skiing".