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Another Broken Ski

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We just got back from Grand Targhee, had a great time except for the first day. I have (had) a pair of 177 Carver Motion skis that I got Nov. 28, 01. After skiing for several hours we decided to get off the groomed runs. As I got almost to the bottom of the area that was basically just soft moguls and cut up snow I lost control of my speed and ended up sitting way back on the tails of the skis (not uncommon for me)and immediately lost both skis. As I was gathering up everything after the fall I found one of the skis bent just behind the binding. When placed on a flat surface the tail sticks up about 6inches in the air. The fall didn't seem that hard when it happened. Has anyone had any dealings with Volkl on reurning skis for warranty work or just standing behind their products? The people at the repair shop at GT said they had never seen a ski bent as badly as this one, However he was not real encouraging about Volkl being able to do anything for me. When I stoped into the Ski shop the manager's first statement was "I don't sell the motion ski just because of this" basically he said I now am the owner of broken skis and bindings that can't be used on other skis. He advised that you can't buy just the motion ski without the bindings. I did get to demo a lot of other ski while at GT (8 sets). The ones that I like the most were also Volkl, the 177 Vertigo G3. Final quick question I am 6ft tall,195 lb and an strong intermediate and I dont want to buy new ski every year. Anyone see anything wrong with going with the Vertigo skis as replacements if necessary. I can't return to the shop were I got the ski as they closed this year.
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I've never had problems with my Volkls, but I've had good luck with warranty work in general recently. Find a Volkl dealer where you live. Let them know that you're looking for a new shop that carries your brand - shops tend to be a lot more motivated to get your gear fixed/replaced for you if you're a potential regular customer. It's mostly time and effort on their part, so it makes sense and is probably part of the reason the shop at GT wasn't all that helpful - sad, but that's my guess. Most companies making good products have good warranties these days. I would expect Volkl to be the same.
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Good News
I just got back from going into a Boyne County Ski shop in Novi, Mi. (about an hours drive) The ski tech took a look at both skis(one broken one good, he advised that he wanted to call Volkl before he sent them to Volkl. He called while I was still at the shop, Volkl gave 2 options 1- send in the skis and they would fix or replace them(my cost if no defect was found) or 2- they would send out just a replacement ski for the broken one (no cost to me.)It didn't take long to make that decision as the only defect was my skiing, Volkl advised that the ski would be shiped today. Should be back on my ski in 4 to 5 days !!Volkl didn't even want the broken ski sent back to them. It is always good to have this type of service from a company when you hear so much about poor service. Some times you just have to ask before you get to worked up about something.
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