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Damaged skis(broken brakes and slight decambering)

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Much to the dismay of the Atomic people on this site, I have seen more than one pair of 918's bent up quite bad, usually above the binding toe piece. Who knows why? I think alot of the destruction comes from abuse, jumping and such but. More so than any other ski I've seen damaged, it's the 918.

I think I should add that the 918 is not a jumping/terrain park ski, as many others are not, and not made for the abuse givin by jumping and tricks. It would be wise if you invested in a twinn tip ski that was made specifically for abuse.

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I wouldn't call jumping abuse personally. I usually pull 20-30 jumps a day just off of moguls and the like. I catch upwards of a foot of air for every jump and my Dynastar/Look setup handles it fine. I also went through my fair share of crashes before I got good at airs. I'd be on the phone with Atomic in no time.
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Contact your retailer regarding this issue.

You make no mention of the binding brand and model, so I'l assume it is the Device which came on current C:9.18s and last season's Carv 9.18. If so, your retailer should contact the sales rep for the region. If he is like me, he replaced his Device bindings with Centro bindings to make on hill demo adjustments easier and quicker, and therefore might have a box of Device tracks.

As to the ski, again the retailer will need to do this. Let the retailer deal with Atomic, since they have more clout than the average Joe Public.
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Yeah, I agree. Jumping is definitely not abuse at all. Just as long as you never land. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Damaged skis(broken brakes and slight decambering)

After a some heavy skiing (high speeds and some small jumps at speed on firm snow) on my 170cm Atomic Beta Carve 9.18's I crashed after a rather poor landing (I won't go into detail except that i was sliding feet first on my stomach with my legs apart stradling the mountain using my skis to self arrest in the snow) but after I stopped sliding I had broken the plastic off one inside brake and twisted the other underneath the ski. I used pliars and a ski strap to fix the twisted brake so at least I can click in and ski but I also noticed that one ski had a few milimeters less camber than the other when compared and they both seemed to have (visually)less camber than before, though they luckily still have some camber. I skied them again for an hour and they were fine as far as I can tell, but the snow was slightly moguled and icy mixed with soft so I was not able to lay out fast long HARD carved turns to really test out the ski's liveliness from carve to carve, but on quick short radius carves, it seems as good as I could test. Anyone have any advice or experiences with causing skis trauma such as this? Will I notice a difference with damage such as this? Any insight is appreciated,



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I had them out on monday and they still lay out decent carves, but the broken brakes are still a problem and the twisted one is a bit farther from the side of the ski than before when it was nestled quite snuggly against the sidewall. Maybe a (not quite boot-out but similar) binding-out problem if it touches the snow while I have them leened way over. I'll defiantly give my local (1 hr away) ski shop a call and see what they can work out wiht Atomic.

Also,I wasnt in the park, I was freeskiing the mountain at a good speed, and I believe a good part of a decent skiier's repertoire is the ability to get a lttle air off mogul or "crease" in the terrain while skiing at normal freeskiing speeds.

BTW, I tried out the Atomic SX:11 in 180cm monday and all I can say is WOW!!! : : : It is a heck of ski. Go try them if you get the chance, I know what my next pair of sticks are going to be.
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