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What's Still Open Up North (From NJ)

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Just wondering if there's anywhere I can still go coming from Jersey. I only got to go twice this year and bought new boots and couldn't even try them out... Sucks. Is anything even worth going to at this point? For me anything up north is at a minimum a 5 hr 30 min drive. How much longer are places open if any at all? Thanks for any pointers.
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Killington, Stowe and Jay. Sugarbush is hanging on by a thread, but the snow is still good.
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Jay is closed.
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Sunday River and Sugarloaf both close for teh season on Sunday 25th. SR is down to running 3 lifts only but was still in pretty reasonable shape last Sunday, good enough to tempt me back for a final day this weekend!
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Sugarloaf is still showing 112 trails open-down 8 trails from yesterday-supposedly they have lost some lower gladed trails.

I might take a trip up for the day on Friday to get some last late season runs in.
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Sugarbush is still going and the skiing is actually pretty good. I was up at the hill yesterday to pick up hubby's skis and there's still a fair amount of snow up there. Supposed to rain today though...
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Bretton Woods - Bode's Mountain.
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I was at Bretton Woods this past Sat/Sun and Wildcat Monday. I'm not a huge fan of BW -- gets boring quickly -- but the wife digs the place and I was on skis for two days. Plus they had a demo event which was a plus. Was real soft early on Sunday as if the snow did not firm up overnite. Wildcat was frozen solid early and got great about mid-morning once the sun and temps did their thing. Wildcat certainly had some thin/exposed spots but was well worth the effort. Wildcat is closing Sunday the 24th. Not sure what this warm spike and predicted rain will do to what's left.
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The Loaf was great last weekend. Cold nights and mild days. We stayed on higher parts of the mountain where the snow was firmer longer but found lots of nice soft stuff to have fun getting down. There were no bare spots on the trails I skied because it snowed last week. BUT it's supposed to rain a bit this week so I imagine coverage will be a bit thinner.
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How far is Sugarloaf from Central Jersey? Do they have good mogul runs?
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Not too far - and yes they do have good bump runs. Better hurry though. You know that you could stop in NH and check out Tuckerman's. That would round out your trip!
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Planning on my last day tomorrow May 5th Killington. There should be a freeze tonight so conditions will firm up a bit. Probably be the only one there!
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