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Boot fit

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I cant decide between an 11 and a 12 boot size, and all of the "fitters" I have talked to seem less knowledgable than me- one didn't shell fit me first and didn't know what a flex index is!

I am in an 11 now, of the same brand, but a much lower model. The liners have packed out A LOT so the boot doesn't feel too tight. But i still get very sore toes if I get kicked backseat at all.

The boot Im trying (L10) feels very snug in an 11 with about 3/8-1/2 in behind the heel. The 12 has more room but my toes still firmly touch the front in the store. However, the upper buckles on the 12 had to be set all the way to tighten around my calves. (this can be reset on a different rivot, but it still alarmed me) I have average calf size I think. Will the 12 be too lose after it packs out even though the 11 feels fairly uncomfortable in the store? Should I be concerned about the upper buckles on the 12?
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read the collum on this page about someone buying what they consider a "comfortable" boot and now is concerned and I agree that it is too big. when you say 3/8 or 1/2 is that in CM or inches. Uncomforatble is a good sign of sorts and you can tell why if you are currently getting bruised toes. Your boots have packed out. Now take a boot that feels comfortable and imagine what that boot will feel like a size larger. not good. Remember a good boot fitter can fix most any pain problems. That L10 is a very low volume high performance boot. It needs to fit very tight to optimize how it is supposed to work. Avoid the 12 is my advice. I would even suggest that you try a half shell size smaller than the 11. Good luck
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Take your boots in to a fitter. they can "blow" out the toe box a little to give your your toes a little more room or even cut open the liner so your toes don't get so banged up. Also work on your balance more to not get kicked in the back seat and stick with the smaller boot.
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Since the L-10 has a heat formable liner ask the fitter about the toe.

If the fitter didn't know that the liner was of the heat/flo variety ...... try a different shop that sells Lange.

Actually .... click on the gear porton of this site ..... under manufacturers and look up the specs on the three Lange L-10's. It's under skis though since there is no boot section.
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