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I just had to test new tele setup - BD Havocs = any excuse to skip out of vancouver and head to the slopes after a weekend spent helping out a mountainbike events. Not many pictures; it was supposed to be a consolidation day for the snowpacks after quite the weekend storm event so I stuck to doing laps on the new Whistler inbounds pseudo - backcountry experience.

Here's some tracks of mine on Flute. The BD havocs perform quite well. Since I was by myself I went for speed and could do 25 minute laps from the cat-track to top and then back down at about a 1600 ft/hour pace. I ended up on my ass a few times trying the euro transistion trick of putting on skins without taking off skis so gave that up as a bad job after a while. Unfortunately for heart rate fans I didn't bring the monitor

It was enormously satisfying to put in tracks before the bootpackers could get one lap in.

Spent some time watching people hucking off the cornices on Flute bowl and looking at their buddies taking pictures from the bottom and idly wondering whether i had an obligation to hang around should the cornice break off and bury everyone then went to flute shoulder and dug a pit. Also took this picture of Fissile and Whirlwind for next escapade. Looks nice !

1511 hours; 18.04.05

Pit was at 1864m, East aspect. Flute shoulder 2 results

CTM (18) (down 25) (CS) CTH 26 (down 55) (CS)

CTM (19) (down 19) (cs) CTH 28 (down 55) (CS)

With these heartening results I did a couple of laps of Flute shoulder and ended the day on that nice note.

Solar is a factor as it got really warm. The top 25 cms sluffs off if you're traversing a steep hill. It likely wont kill you but it can give a nice ride and exposes a nice slippery bed surface. Ski crampons a good idea at this time