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just for fun Videos

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Practicing with the Video Camera and these are pretty nice turns.

Took these at Sugarbowl this weekend. Ski team doing some training runs.
It's morning spring conditions. Medium firm but starting to get soft.

GS run 1
GS run 2
GS run 3
GS run 4
GS run 5
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There's alot of potential in that group. Did some gate video myself this past weekend but snow was too soft for good turning examples.
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Very good skiers. These kids know what the heck they are doing! That said, I think the skier in GS Run 1 is the best example here. With good speed: 1) He starts a carving turn above the gate. 2) Is not rushed in skiing the line and making the gates since he has economical and smooth transitions that let him gently fold the skis into a carve that anticipates each turn. I wish I could do that!
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Those kids make me wish I had've started racing sooner. I love to see kids letting it all go after a season of practice. That first kid really is on top of them.
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