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Some new parents!

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Be prepared for an announcement!
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That is one lucky baby is all I can say
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Baby Deluxe?? perhaps!
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Baby Deluxe -- an eight-pound boy named Claude David Michaud -- arrived this morning, 11 days early. We're taking him to Heino's tomorrow morning to be fitted for new boots and we plan to troll e-bay for a pair of extra short Spatulas.
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Congratulations! I bet you can't wait to get him on skis!
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Congratulations !! 8 pounds and 11 days early?? yeeps you better not get too far from home on the next one after the 7th month!!
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congrats.. were are the pictures?
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Welcome to Claude David and congratulations to the proud parents. Eight pounds is an impressive stat!
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Hello from the world to Claude Michaud! Welcome and Happy Birthday, dude!!!
How's Mama Deluxe doing?
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Happy news indeed! Best wishes from all of the Crazies to all of the Deluxes. I have no doubt the kid will rip. Tell mom all here at Epic are happy for yunz.
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Welcome to Mother Earth! Claude Michaud, May your days be smooth on the snow! And you nights be restfull.
Greetings and salutations to the proud parents! May the Grandfathers always give your son good advise and show him The Way.

Health and prosperity to you all.

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Here's Claude with his proud parents:

Since the image tags apparently no longer work???? Here's the original "old fashioned" link:
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Whoo-hoo! Welcome, Claude David, and bless you, parents Deluxe!
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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the thoughts... especially to Kneale for hosting the post-delivery pic.

Juliet is, ahem, a wee bit sore, but ready to come home tomorrow. She's one happy southerner.
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The radiant smiles say all. Great first family picture!
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Julliet looks beautiful! Congrats! Claude David is a beautiful name!
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Salut Claude!

I'm a bit concerned he hasn't logged on to Epic yet. What if he turns out to be a...
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WTFH, bite your tongue!
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sorry, oboe!
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where are his electric-teal mittens?
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Originally Posted by ryan
where are his electric-teal mittens?
For now, I bet they're in the closet waiting for winter with his loooooong dark green parka and Volants.
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. . . but anyway, James has switched to hot pink mittens
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