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how short is too short?

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i started 207/195/173/162/156 and just recently i got a demo on a 150 rossi oversize 9 s and believe it or not i did some fantastic powder runs, and incredible arcs on groomers. i am 5" 11 and 155lbs!
so where does it stop?
i just stumbled over a pair of head big easy rw track in 140 with 120/71/108 but havent skied them yet.
the measurements look ok to give it a powder run. has anybody ever tested these little suckers or similiar shorties.
think it would be fun as the radius must be something like 8 m but wonder how fast you can go?
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IMO 140 would be to short. I don't know much about the construction of the 140cm, but the 9S is a stout ski. As for speed I think your pushing your luck tring to ski fast on a 140cm. How's your balance? Are you willing to find out?
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Too short is when your boots stick out over the tips and tails of the skis. (In my opinion)
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Over the last 10 years I skied all lengths from bigfoots over 90-99 cm blades, 120-130 cm shorties, 147-155 slalom skis prior to the FIS regulation, trenchcarving "funcarvers" 140-170 cm ... up to GS and SG skis (which are off-topic here).

Short skis ("shorties" 100-140 cm and "supershorties" up to 100 cm) were a big hit in Europe esp. 1998-2000.

My observations were that somewhere around 140 cm skis are becoming SKIS capable of most what a skier expects on groomers - with some limitations.

Head Big Easy, formerly (1999-2001) Cyclone, was a very good ski for his time.

I had much fun on 138 cm and on 128 cm, with some restrictions even on 118 cm. Only the longest of them was - with some restrictions - a "full" ski.

There´s a difference between the shortest version of a full-length ski (like the Oversize) and a ski designed to be skied in short lengths only (like the Cyclone/Big Easy was, or even earlier the 140 cm Atomic Carvmachine).
The former are best suited to light undemanding skiers, some comfortable ladies skiing slow etc. but not so much to heavier, more adept men.

I don´t think short lengths are good in powder and in similar conditions.

There are some specialists offering high-quality short "carving" skis. The top of the pack seem to be the Swiss RTC skis (128/138/148/158/168 cm):
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checkracer you got it all

thanks, but the rtc are too narrow for powder but work great on pist and they have a real flat tail, not what you want to fool around.
hmmm... so you doubt i`ll have fun going for fast arcs on groomers on those little 138 suckers?
will the ski bounce or chatter to much but can it manage tight and fast arcs?
a pitty, i realy did like the 150 rossis going fast on pist as well as in powder, it was just like trees and bushes were not there. i reconed the 138 would turn like hell in powder but you had to keep going fast.
are you recommanding the atomic carvingmaschine over the big easy or am i
just to forget about any skis less than 150?
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sorry checkracer, reread your post and it acctually says it all.

the 140 would have been mainly to fool around as my regular ski is still a snowrider from edelwiser, with individual desin in 162 and it covers all i expect from an allmountain ski.
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The Carvmachine is an old ski from 1997, Cyclone 1999, you probably won´t get them anyway.

The RTC are typical carvers for groomers.

I know a lot of skiers absolutely happy on their Snowriders or Edelwisers, cf. www.carving-ski.de and its opinion poll on the best ski of the season.

I enjoyed the 128 or 118 cm shorties as occasional fun skis and/or training tools on flatter groomed slopes.
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hmm I would like to know too.

I just know my 150 chatters(if thats what u call it) on bumper semi hard surface if moving somewhat fast. It also doesn't do so well on powders but it's acceptable. other than that iit's the easiest thing for carving. using 150 is like driving a Mini in the bad city roads. It's turns and handles but the rides just horrible.
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as mentioned tried the rossi s 9 in 150 and it did great on and off pist!
i definitifly go for a 140 head easy carve and give it a chance in powder,
of course you have to ski fast to have good floation but than its suburb fun.
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