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Best Mogul Skis

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Can anyone give me a heads-up on some good mogul skis for out west?
I have a pair of atomic sx9 which are great in hard pack (stiff), but this last year out west saw only powder, pack-powder conditions. I like to ski moguls and I need a soft ski.

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K2 Mamba Mogul

These are very nice mogul skis, I got a pair early in the year and really enjoyed them in the east coast bumps. They are softer than my Dynastar vertical assault mogul skis, have a slight turned up tail and the price is right. They also rock all mountain east coast conditions. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=21244&item=7149343 608&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
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The ski's you are on are good spring mogul skis. The Conditions out here are (Spring) Hard in the morning (Stay out of the bumps untill they soften up) and very soft with deep loose corn pockets geting softer as the day goes on. A good slolom or (My favorite) a short GS ski works very well. Just so your on a ski that you are very comfortable with. If the sx9 is your usual ride you should have the confidence to shread the big soft bumps in the sierra's.

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I was hoping for an aurgument here?? Is there such a thing as a bump ski?

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Originally Posted by MTT
I was hoping for an aurgument here?? Is there such a thing as a bump ski?
There certainly is. Volkl Dragon Slayer, Fischer Lunar, 1080 Mogul, Dynaster Twister to name a few. The question is, do you really want a full blown bump ski? Mogul skis have very little sidecut and are horrid as all-mountain skis. I have a pair, but I haven't touched them all season. I find them hard to justify unless you're competing or are a die hard mogul addict.

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What makes a ski a bump ski? What is the length, flex lateral rigidity?? I have always found a stable GS ski to be my wepon for the bumps. That being said I have aways skied GS type ski's. (just a bit shorter than I would use for compitition) I do not run gates against a clock anymore. But I like to pretend sometimes on steep groomers (A little crud and or chop for caracter makes this even more fun)

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Pure moguls skis suck out west unless all you're going to do is bash moguls....they absolutely suck in heavy powder or crud. A good twintip ski would be the direction I would recommend. Twins to consider are the Salomon 1080, Dynastar Trouble Maker, Head Mad-trix and the Fischer Big Stix 8.0.
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First of all, go ahead and ski the bumps when they are icy, it'll make you a better bump skier. Second, the best bump ski is the one you ski bumps on best. So try different kinds of skis in bumps to see what works best for you.
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Do you ski bumps first thing in the morning in the spring?? I have always found that when the snow is soft in the afternoon people leave deep ruts and tracks in the bumps. Then they freeze in palce overnight. first thing in the morning you have rock hard cuts highspots and traks that. 1: make even the best skiers very spastic. 2: cause the novice bump skier to fear bumps well into the future 3: anyone who ski's sierra bumps first thing in the morning is most likly to fall and sustain a very nasty season ending injury when the slam into the frozen rock shale like snow. Wait until the sun hits the bumps for an hour or two and then enjoy the best skiing conditions of the year.

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Yes I ski them, and yes I have spastic moments in them. Those are getting to be less common, and that is the whole point. I got the idea that the original poster was far from a bump novice, so the falling shouldn't be a problem. And if you think I'm nuts, you should see Pierre.
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I agree about bill1234. I don't think he's a novice. But I will stand by my original suggestion that bill1234 bring his sx9's to the spring bump party. Nice stix's!! You will enjoy in the soft bumps.

We will have to agree to disagree about sking spring bumps before the morning thaw. I guess there would be one good thing about skiing Bumps on a spring morning (You have them all to your self)

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