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Snowbasin / Ogden vacation home

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I have been looking into purchasing a vacation home near Snowbasin. As I live on the east coast, I will be renting it out for most of the time. Would appreciate any tips or advice, and any thoughts on the real estate market / rental market there

Thanks in advance
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If it were me, I'd look in the area of Mountain Green. Quite little farming community. There's a small markert, but not even a grocrey store (Odgen it about 15-20 mins away.

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I have been there only once, I should not give any advice in a vacation home, the locals should have much saying. Nevetheless, here is my .02:
Nordic, Powder and Snowbasin are all in short distance to each other, I think you should look at the villages on the access roads between all of them such as Huntsville, Eden or Liberty. Have no idea how the value holds and rental conditions, but if the resorts have plans to build their own on the slope condos, you will be out cold. So check that out first.
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If you have the dough, purchase a condo in Ogden Valley, in Huntsville or Eden, and quickly grab a lot in Mountain Green. use your lot as an investment, hold on to it for about ten years, but enjoy Ogden Valley while you sit on the lot.
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I think you should look into the 28th and Childs ave. area of central Ogden, property is way undervalued. You do speak spanish, right?

Really, this is hard question to answer without knowing what you want to spend, if you want land, etc.
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I have done a lot of looking around the Ogden Valley. There are a few nice communities That cater to the 2nd home owner. the number one would be Wolfcreek at the base to the road up to powder Mountain. The small town of Eden seems to be growing into a small community that is tourist friendly. Huntsville seems to have some promise. But there is a lot of debate in the whole Ogden Valley as to what they want. Many in the valley are very opposed to any development. I have also looked at prices in relation to what you would pay in the Park city area. The truth is I was shocked by the cost of real Estate in The Ogden Valley. You will pay just about the same as you would in Park City area. In fact the towns of oakly and Kamas both within 15 mins of Park city are cheaper then most of Huntsville Eden and Liberty.
Another vacation comunity closer to Snowbasin is the Lake View condos on The Pine Veiw Resevoir. For the most part mountain Green is a bedroom community for Ogden. At present it seems to be a very closed community and not well suited for vacation rentals. If your looking for just a long term hold then mountain green might be a good investment. But your rental would have to be a long term rental. It is true that Earl Holding The owner of Snowbasin owns much of the land around Mountain Green but so far there hasn't been much in the way of plans for that property. Earl is in Ill health and so far I have heard nothing but rumors as to what and when He will start building. Think about this lets say Snowbasin puts in rooms and condos as well as time share In a very short time he could have accomidations for 2 to 3000 people. all ski in ski out or close to it. Now your unit or home would be a 5 min at best most likly a 10 min drive . who do you think will fill the rooms first and get the most rentals? Even here in Park city the money making units are all close to the resorts. they are the one that get booked in the off weeks. If you plan to use your place over the big holiday weekends Like Christmas to new years and Presidents day as well as Spring bBreak it may sit vacent for many of the other ski weeks. summer rentals are always a crap shoot. If you book a few weeks in the summer It is just gravey. Property managment companies will take thier cut. and the gamble is will the Property increase in value? Just some things for you to think about.
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The reason I said you should hold on to a lot in Mountain Green is that Holdings reps and Dick Bass reps are snooping oround the Morgan County side of the range/South of Weber Canyon to buy up the water rights to a new development they want to throw up. Apparently that new development will be larger than Snowbasin. We are talking 10 years down the road for that to be completed so until then Ogden valley is the better choice for an actual rental unit.

The city of Ogden is nothing even close to a vacation area, other than the downtown is a little cool, and there are some great old homes that are undervalued.
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I think what Utah49 said was very true, you can never beat the ski-in/out with a distance rental, even if it is only 15 min. away. I was in Vernon, BC and Silverstar is right up the road. There is a Casino at turnoff to Silverstar from Vernon, in front of the Casino there was a sign for room/lift package, it was very cheap. I went in and the rooms at the Casino were empty. I asked the people at the desk when I checked in, he said since SS had build so much ski-in/out they took all the business away from this used to be a very busy skiing hotel to totally empty. Think about it.
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Check out www.utahhomes.com for current prices in the areas that you are interested in - Huntsville, Eden, Liberty in the valley but don't over look the Morgan Valley. Just as close and much cheaper.
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If i were thinking of moving to that area. I would look at Morgan, It's well priced. By the way i heard years ago that snowbird owned a Mountain somewhere up there. Since it is to hard to do anything in the LCC It would be one way for Dick Bass to expand his brand. As for vacation rental Property Morgan is just not a good bet. Steelman, what are your thoughts on the 25th St area of Ogden?
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I don't see 25th street being a good investment. Its saturated with restaurants and other businesses that are not really doing all that well. True the bars make money but everyone else is just staying above water. They are not able to sell the condos that were recently built and theres talk of an auction to pay back the banks who made the original investments. Give Snowbasin another couple of years and see what happens.
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I've decided that you should just go to park city.
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3Z You do have a good point. Park City is still a good bet foran investment property. However the time share or asa friend calls the Crime share rooms being built out at the canyons is haveing a negative effect on seasonal rentals. The older Condos are hard to rent and owners seem to be unwilling to put the money into them. There are some bargines to be had if you have some time to put in the up grades.
Steelman, Thanks for the input on 25th Street. Maybe someone needs to take control of earl holding like they did with Howard Hughes
Now lets say we take a collection up here at epic and buy Powder Mountain. " Epic Mountain" has a nice ring to it.
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Great Idea! I will take Nordic if Powder is not for sale.

I will put in my .02 today...
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