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Gore Mtn on 4/17

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The weather report said 70 and no wind...the email from Gore said they were going to be open...my in-laws cancelled their trip over from Mass. How could I not go? Kudos to Gore for keeping the place open when clearly they were losing money today. There were maybe 100 cars in the parking lot and I'm guessing that at least half of those were employees'.

We got there in time to be on the 3rd gondola up. The Straight Brook area had excellent coverage and they actually groomed last night. The early runs were awesome. As the sun hit the snow with full force, the conditions went from ideal corn to glop pretty quickly. But who can complain? Eastern skiing on 4/17 (not at K-mart) and seeing almost nobody on the slopes? A great day, even if it ended at 12:30. The last run down (almost to the bottom) was pretty sketchy. The staff at Gore decided that today was it...too bad, they have plenty of snow up top, but there's no way even the State of NY can justify the cost of operating with almost no revenue coming in.

Sorry, no pictures. I can't stand stopping to take pics.


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I went to whiteface yesterday-there were maybe 30 people skiing there-great day!
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