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Thank You Tecnica USA

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Some of you may recall I posted about my Tecnica TNT's exploding several weeks ago.

After some going back and forth discussions Tecnica USA came through this week with a brand new pair of Diablo Magnesiums, to replace my exploded TNT RacePro. Although I have thanked them directly I wanted to say publicly that the management at Tecnica USA are a rare breed of can-do people, who stand behind the products they import and represent. Because of the unique situation of my boots never being used they took the defect very seriously as it represented a failure they were aware of but not on an unused boot.

The Magnesiums fit like gloves on the initial home fit-stoke. They will need the customary adjustments but for the most part I don't think all need any internal fitting, prior to the initial pack out. I plan on trying them out in the next day or so locally and then for a couple weeks up at Mammoth until they close this July/August.

As for those of you that claimed I was whinning or trying to get something for free etc...., well Tecnica USA did'nt think so because two days after my TNT's arrived they put there quality control product manager on a plane to Italy with them to have some one-on-one discussions with Tecnica Italy. Would I like to be a fly on that wall.
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Thanks for posting this. I'm glad that this worked out for you. I have skied Tecnica boots for years. They have always been the best fit for my foot. Who knows what could have happened? Maybe a bad batch of chemicals from a supplier,or just bad chemistry, maybe a mixing machine malfuntion. a flewed product test? There are so many things that can go wrong. It would be interesting to hear what the problem was. A few years back Salomon hada problem with some of thier skis top skin cracking. They would replace the skis with new skis. I know of a few skiers who would ski thier skis and in the spring take them to the shop and the shop would give them a vaucher fora new pair of skis for the fall. Standing by thier product I'm sure is one of the reasons that the Salomon Xtreme became the best selling ski of all time.
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nice that they did that so long after the boots were made, and that they acknowledged the problem again...

"that the Salomon Xtreme became the best selling ski of all time." in salomons dreams
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Glad to hear Tecnica came through for you. I've skied Tecnica for years and never had an issue. I had to laugh though, about a month ago, I went to go skiing with a buddy of mine - when she kicked her Nordicas on top of her binding to clean the snow off, the toe of her boot (the removable part), shattered...plastic failure can happen to anyone (her boots were way old).
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Glad things worked out for you. As a long time Tecnica person that's good to know.
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