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Welcome, coryt5000, to EpicSki! It doesn't seem that long ago that ya'll were celebrating 5000 (that was just prior to my time!).
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Whoo-hoo! The Ocho!
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Since the big crash we've not acknowledge the growth of our community by bestowing vast riches on the member that guesses the time and date of the new member number ending in double goose eggs. Since 9000 is coming up shall we continue? Are there any gear reps that have some swag to contribute? How about our operational team tossing in a ball cap or tee shirt?
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I have just the prize! An EpicSki Academy T-shirt (size M-L-XL only) goes to the person who guesses closest to the GMT date/time of the registration of our 9000th member. We'll up the ante for 10,000.

Have at it, Bears!
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