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Bump...Because it's more interesting than if Epic did/didn't change ownership and who is/isn't hijacking members.

People Magazines 50 most beautiful people issue hits newstands tomorrow.
Does the gardener from Desperate Housewives ski? If not... I will give him free lessons.

Which celeb would you like to teach to ski. I have a long list...
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A well known right wing radio/talkshow host checked his children into ski school using aliases this past Christmas. Although I understand his desire for privacy, I can't help but wonder if he was concerned about possible repercussions to his kids!!
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Pop singer Sting at Snowbird, UT on 4-13-05:

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Originally Posted by Snowball
Prince Charles is said to be a very good skier. Some of you may have seen news items 15 + years ago when he was skiing a steep off-piste run at Klosters and some of his party were caught in an avalanche and one of them killed. Some people blamed the off-duty guide who was with them and many in the UK media felt the heir to the UK throne shouldn't be skiing such dangerous stuff. He continues to ski, perhaps more carefully, as do his sons. Princess Diana tried it but was never any good.

Ever seen the pictures of him over the last couple of years....
same old blue onepiece with rear entries.....


you'd think he'd hire a good bootfitter and get himself into a newer boot
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remember Sunny!?
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Originally Posted by boarderline
Pop singer Sting at Snowbird, UT on 4-13-05:

I questioned the validity of this post & photo when I first saw it. I didn't think it was Sting, but this newpaper report from Salt Lake Tribune would seem to possibly corroborate. It quotes Sting talking about snowboarding at Snowbird on 4/12/05:
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I saw Gerard Depardieu, Roman Polanski with wife emmanuelle seigner and David Douillet (former french heavyweight judo olympic and world champion) on slope-side restaurants in Val d'Isère. They had ski gear, so I guess they were actualy skiing. (and I hope Depardieu was sober enough. He crashed at least twice while riding a motorbike drunk)
I've spotted numerous other celebrities on the resort but can't testify they were actual skiers.
How do you recognize them in action, under their hats and googles anyway ...?
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