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Do Celebrities ever ski?

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I was in Aspen this past winter for 5 days, and saw tons of celebrities in town but never saw one on the slopes. Do these guys ski or not? Maybe they have thier own private mountian to stay away from the little people.
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I here Jack Nicholson is a hellava speed demon.
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Antonio Banderas is totally into skiing and is actually starting to get pretty good. He's also has a rep around town of being a nice guy.
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It seems like it would be easy to ski if you were a celebrity, lots of cash. Big chunks of time off, if no time off many movies film in Vancouver, near a mountain called Whistler, you might have heard of it. We saw James Caan when we were Vancouver for a our Whistler Trip.

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Dang. Where DID that Melanie Griffith-in-Aspen thread go?
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When I was teaching at Jay Peak 1986-'87 one of my regular students was the 4th grade teacher at Dalton School in NYC, and one of her students was Dustin Hoffman's kid. We were all set for me to teach him and his family and then some big movie deal came up. Anybody remember a movie called Rainman?? Close but no autograph.
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I have a hard enough time recognizing my friends in ski gear...let alone a celebrity. I could ride a lift with a nicole kidman and ...(momentary pause to fantasize)....not know it...
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paula zahn broke her leg skiing, cnn's morning guy is a boarder and ann coulter is a skier and so is sean hannity(you can probably catch him @ okemo over christmas). dont know of any really big names. (i.e. bruce willis)
(of course, if i answered w/ 2 of those names on TGR; i'd beaten down for being a right wing zombie.part of the reason i only lurk there these days.)
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Spielberg in Telluride

I caught Spielberg and his entourage @ Goranno's (Telluride mid-mountain bar/beach) one blue bird day about 5 years ago. Looked like it was some type of business meeting as he had about 8 guys with him. I thought it must be nice to have a boss that takes you skiing in Telluride.

If I saw Hannity and Coulter on the slope, I'd take off the skis and go rent a Snowboard.
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Originally Posted by Lorian
If I saw ... Coulter on the slope, I'd take off the skis and go rent a Snowboard.
Here here. She's a right-wing nut-case.
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I almost ran over Tom Hanks getting off a lift at Park City back in 1997-98 or so. He was strapped to a snowboard, fell down getting off the lift, and was sprawled across the unloading zone when my chair unloaded. With a 6-person chair there's not much room to unload.

Aside from the look of fear in his eyes, we didn't have much of a conversation. No autograph.

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I don't know what counts as a celebrity but I once skied off piste for a day with a guy I was told was the most famous Dutch TV sports comentator, and also another time (with TopSki off-piste guides in Val d'Isere) in a group with a senior minister from the French government who had done a great deal to help the ski industry.
At one point we had entered the main Face du Charvet (a big, steep, open slope) slightly below the normal point because our guide was slighty worried about avalanche danger. When we were a short way down another group with a guide came in at the higher level above us, much to our guide's anger. When they got level with us (our guide had taken us off to the side to be safe) the minister skied accross and balled out the guide.
We skied on and when we looked back much later the other group were still standing where we had left them!

When I was young skiing with my parents in Lech, Austria, we had the Dutch Royal Family in our hotel plus lots of other interesting people. I remember my parents playing charades with Robert Graves (the writer) and his family and I talked (I was only about 11) to Peter Finch who had just lost out to Richard Burton for a role in Cleopatra. I know they all skied on the normal slopes. It was all very understated and civilised, not at all glitzy as the place is now with lots of peope who don't seem to ski parading around in fur coats. The place is also about 3 times as big now (there were only 2 big hotels then, I think) with a baroque church containing a glass cabinet with the bones of the local saint wrapped in gold foil - you can imagine how that impressed a young boy.
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Rent a snowboard so you can crash into her? "Oops, sorry dude!". Don't forget to call her dude as you ride off! John Oates of Hall and Oates is the only celeb I know of who telemarks. Bode, Hermann, and Tomba are celebrities. Not sure if Tomba still skis. Lots of politicos, TV and movie stars do the fixed heel thing. When Coulter goes freeheel, I'm switching to a saucer.
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Yes, sure Tomba still skis. He just doesn't race.
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Montell Williams is always up at Snowbasin. He pays a special price so he can cut in line to get on the Gondola. He brings a strange group with him, sometimes he comes with his family, other times he comes with a bevy of babes, other times he comes with a bunch of dudes that look like artist types, I think they are his sons friends.

His family really skis well too, very smooth with nice form.

Apparently he is pretty nice to the staff.
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Originally Posted by Snowball
Yes, sure Tomba still skis. He just doesn't race.
Good, I was really just joking, but I could imagine him giving it up to devote more time to other vices .
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Duh! Yeh (But I had recently seen an interview with him on TV)
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Michael J Fox hangs out at Okemo a couple of times a season.
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In 2001, when I was in St. Anton, Princess Caroline tore her ACL and had to be heli-evacuated to the hospital. She was skiing Lech (as do all the rich and famous of Europe).
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I actually read this thread. Just shoot me, please. Or maybe I could petition to get my 5 minutes back?

Ummmmm, God, I am agnostic, but, hey, heh, could you like make an exception and give me my 5 minutes back? Please. Hey, I said please. And I said it real nice, and . . . . Lots wife? Yeah, I remember the story. Oh, right, gotcha. Right. Never mind and just forget I asked, really.

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I saw a celebrity skiing event on TV once -- stars from 90210, etc... Some of the worst skiers i have ever seen, but you could tell they thought they were cool. I bet some of them are good though.

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When I worked at Steamboat I saw Evander Holyfeild. He was easy to spot, head and sholders above anyone else and a bright red one piece. Danny Devito used to ski there also but I never saw him.
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Originally Posted by tief schnee
Danny Devito used to ski there also but I never saw him.
Perhaps he was hiding behind a small mogul.
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Nobody's mentioned the most famous celebrity skier of all:
Robert Redford! If you've never seen "Downhill Racer," rent it
at once! And if you go to the Sundance Resort when he's in residence,
you might run into him on the slopes.
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Tiger Woods and his new wife Elin were at Snowbasin this year. I saw Arnold and his bunch at Sun Valley about 10 years ago - and Sen.John Kerry also. All you really have to do is go to Deer Valley at Cristmas-there everywhere if you just look close and dont forget the Sundance film festival in Jan.
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Ann Coulter on skis:

Interesting alignment. :

Her politics may be over the top, but I'd kill to be that pretty!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie

Her politics may be over the top, but I'd kill to be that pretty!
LM, I don't think she has anything over you in the looks department.
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That's the best compliment I've ever received!
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BTW, LM, you're proof that celebrities ski!
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