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2006 SL Race ski tests - dimensions anyone?

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Well, I can tell you that the Head i.SL RD pictured there is 116-63-100 for a 12.3m radius @ 166cm, and the Atomic SL:11 is 105-64-95, r=14.5m @ 165cm. Other than that, I can't tell you. For more info, you might want to look at this thread: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=26164 there's info on next season's skis towards the end.
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Well, I decided not to take part in the test described (Austria Ski Test, held in Seefeld, Austria March 29 - April 1) and therefore can´t tell exactly but based on the previous test the SL skis shown and tested should be mostly standard retail versions generally sold to the public.
The dimensions should be available in catalogs and on the websites.
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Most of the measurements are indeed available elsewhere. Except, as far as I can tell the Volkl Race Tiger.

CheckR, why did you choose not to participate in the ski test linked above?
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Volkl 2005 - 2006 line info, including new dementions and pictures.

Volkl 2005 - 2006 line info, including new dementions and pictures.

http://www.mamboo.ru/front/object~jym1110881796517?|?????%20?????????%20Volkl %20??????%202005%20-%202006%20????

Volkl Racetiger SL Racing
119-66-102, 115-66-99

Volkl Racetiger GS Racing
110-67-98, 108-67-94

Volkl Racetige r SC
113-64-100, 109-64-96

Volkl Racetiger RC
108-65-94, 106-65-92

(Translated with http://babelfish.altavista.com )
Sport series Racetiger. Now this is not simple of ski from a sport series, but present sport skis. Volkl was earlier characterized by the fact that made strict and powerful sport models, but now... Especially this concerns upper slalom model - SL Racing, which requires of the skier not only grow prettier the contemporary technique of rolling and speed, but also outstanding physical form, but the main thing of ardor and desire "to work". Otherwise of ski they do not simply reveal itself. This behavior is caused by the application of the new technology Extended Double Grip and the new, more straight geometry (R 12,7 for 160). This geometry to a considerable extent corresponds to recommendations FIS, but in this case it converts skis from the sanitary into the specialized sport projectile.

Not smaller atletichnosti and "bezbashennosti" requires from skier the upper gigantic model GS Racing, but to the technology of rolling requirement are presented no longer so significant as in slalomki. Here the main thing speed and again speed, everything else of ski will make they themselves. In spite of the increased hardness, in the the new GS Racing completely disappeared characteristic of last year's analog rigid return with the passage of unevennesses. As a result at the high speed and on the rigid slope the improbable sensation of reliability and power is created.

Low-order slalomka SC (Slalom Carver) is somewhat simpler and soft; however, nevertheless remains the spetsilizirovannym sport projectile. This model is more "intelligible" and more greatly it approaches to athlete- amateurs, to relatively light skiers and to sportswomen. Low-order model for giant RC is the most democratic model of a series, this entire the same old good Race Carver, reliable, rapid, but sufficiently comfortable.
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The first two items you listed ARE available in the US, the second two are NOT in the US, We have the RACE STOCK in the US not the downsized versions the "sc's". Hope this helps you guys. The other items that are on the Russian site are accurate it appears.
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Sexy Volkl RaceTiger Skis

Thanks Sellnit,

Here's a link to an article on the unvailing of the RaceTiger line.
(in Germany of course {Rated R})

[translated with http://babelfish.altavista.com )

VOELKL RACETIGER - premiere of the wildest ' raubtiers ' in the ski circus provided for sensation of Ski2b editorship

There the VOELKL RACETIGER is! The only legitimate successor of the P-60 and a Hommage to the legendary running tiger of the 70'er years. Still more dynamically, still faster, still more precisely than everything which milled so far its edges into the snow. At the edge of the slalom-Worldcup in Schladming VOELKL celebrated exclusive medium premiere of the new exception ski on past Tuesday, 25 January 2005, in the Schafalm on the Planai those.

Current and former Worldcup-stars thereby The unusual show could not be escaped also numerous prominent ski Worldcup pilots. Also with it among other things. Sonja Nef, Manfred pillory, Alois Vogl, Christian Mayer, Giancarlo Bergamelli and Martin Marinac. Besides also - the cause accordingly - some genuine ski legends gave themselves the honour - Hanni Wenzel, Bernhard Russi, Frank Woerndl and enterprise founder Franz Voelkl. They made the spectacular ' baptism ' of the new RACETIGER a completely memorable experience. Accompanied of ' Eye OF the Tiger' sounds, artificial fog and indoor fireworks revealed sexy RACETIGER Girls - only dressed in Bodypaintings - the oversize ice sculpture of a jump-ready tiger - on the inside: a original RACETIGER ski. Red, sharply and hot!

Show-praesentation in Schladming. The spectacular show-praesentation under the direction of TV moderator January plug drew the way from the legendary RUNNING TIGER to the today's RACETIGER in short video tie-clips after. In addition statements and interviews of the Worldcup-profis from at that time and today. After the following Skijause in the Schafalm ging's outside on the runway. With the ' on snow' test could demonstrate the RACETIGER its superiority and the Potenzial of the integrated innovations, how EXTENDED DOUBLE GRIP iPT or MOTION, fully to emphasize. The medium pageant in the late evening with the slalom-sieg von Manfred pillory in the Nightrace found the perfect conclusion! The Austrian in the VOELKL team celebrated however not only his second Worldcup-erfolg in consequence, but also still his 27. Birthday. Good signs for a successful start of the new RACETIGER into the coming season.

Call u soon, taxes and opening day (fishing w/ son) took my recent free time.
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Originally Posted by NZskier
CheckR, why did you choose not to participate in the ski test linked above?
It has nothing to do with the quality of the test nor with its methodology.
They were mostly private reasons.

The only reservation I have generally is:
if you are one of many testers you are just one of many and a member of a team. You test according to some strict schedule: not what you would like to, when the schedule says so - not always when the conditions are appropriate let alone optimal.
You rarely find stable conditions all the time you´re testing in late March or early April.

In the past I sometimes had to test allmountain skis on early-morning frozen corn and race skis 3 hours later when the snow was turning into slush.
Or recreational skis with excellent weather and GS race skis when the sight was poor.
Recreational skis on hardpack and race skis when new fresh snow was calling for 75+ allmountains.

Individually, you would never demo/test skis that way. As a part of the "testing machine" you can´t always have the luck to be in the team with the optimal schedule and, subsequently, conditions.

As one of many testers you are not there to get the best personal testing experience but to provide your small share to the final result.
It´s not a big problem for the test if your race ski results from slush or fresh snow are of not much validity because there are lots of other results from people who tested in good conditions.
Otoh, it IS a problem for YOU because you don´t really know what the skis are like.

I prefer being the SUBJECT testing: what, when and the way I want.
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