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Sweet, Mike, thanks! Sounds like a great time, and I'm really looking forward to the other reports...

...and tomorrow!
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What a totally fantastic day! Even without skiing, I had an incredible time. The food was great, the company was awesome. Kiersten, thanks for the humor. I haven't laughed so hard in a month.

Thanks to everyone who talked me into showing up!
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I missed you today, LM...
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It was great to see old friends today, and to meet some new ones. Uncle Louie and VSP were kind to me and gave me some skiing insights. It snowed, was foggy, and almost got sunny. The snow was nice all day, the company wonderful, and the experience pleasant. I think I'm done for the season. Thanks, friends, it's been a good year...
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it was great to meet so many on saturday. sorry, i missed out sunday; but only brought spring skiing attire; that storm came in earlier than forecasted; but next april if the rockies are playing at home on the weekend; its a good bet i'll be at loveland !
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What a fun day! Thanks to Ric for the tips! Now I can worry about where my butt should be instead of where my hands should be

Thanks to Rdy2ski, Bong and Louie for 2 great Saturdays in a row!

Thanks to the group that skied with my husband Shawn. It is rare that he gets to ski with skiers better than he. He had a great time. He was in awe of the talent and the welcome he got from a bunch of strangers. Thanks!

Skicougar, you were there Damn did we meet?
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I copied this from the other Loveland thread:

It was a good time at Loveland Sunday : met a lot more Bears, it snowed lightly all day. I want to thank some of the pros for a lot of patience trying to coach this old timer out of a lot of bad habits. I also hope Falline's wing is okay in a few days. She took a hard fall on her shoulder, which is something I can relate too. Finally: Uncle Louie-have a good trip home and I am sure I will see you again next year. LewBob
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yeah kima, i finally found what was left of the bears in the parking lot after the lifts closed saturday. you probably had already gone.
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shoot, we were gone. Next time.
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It was a GREAT time! It was a rare priviledge for a clueless noob like me to even be on the same snow as these folks. I can definitely say that Saturday was an adventure and that sometimes ignorance is bliss.
We're going WHERE? Up THERE??!!! : LOL!
Someone else is going to have to tell you where we were - I'm not familiar enough w/ the area to say for sure, but from where we stood you could see 4,5,6 ? other resorts - what a view!

The back story for me is that I missed my flight on Friday evening ---- thanks to the friggin' construction on I-79!! You Pittsburghers really need to DO something about that - I hold you all personally responsible. :

The next flight out was at 8:45 Sat morning - so I took my lemons (and my swearing and stomping around) and made lemonade - checked into the Hyatt at the airport and sat in the hottub and painted my toenails and slept on nice fluffy pillows!! I sure showed THEM, didn't I?

So I got into Denver at 10am, rented a car and drove to Loveland on a BEAUTIFUL blue bird Colorado day. I pulled into the lot at Loveland, and there was this big pick-up with a palm tree sprouting out of the bed, and a crowd of loud people clustered around a gas grill. This must be the place!!

What a welcome - and how cool to be able to put faces to names. The ones I remember... Uncle Louie, Kima, Kiersten, Katy, Bong, Kay, Bob B, Ric, Tom B, Fall line, Lisamarie, (and ssh and Lewbob on Sunday) I know there are more that I have forgotten - I'm sorry

I downed a hamburger and then we were on the slopes. So I started the morning at Pittsburgh elevation, and by afternoon I was at 13,000 feet - thank god for Gingko and lots of water!

It was beautiful, and I got some good pointers and stuff for me to work on next season. Had piles of laughs and a beer at the "tailgate" - actually I was a two-fisted drinker - a Newcastle in one hand and a bottle of water in the other!

Spent the evening w/ Lisa and had a great gab-fest.

Sunday was a lighter turn-out and funkier weather, but still a great time. Fall line baby-sat me in the morning (with a bum shoulder yet) and I used the afternoon to get mileage and enjoy the scenery. I had a GREAT time, and I can't wait to be able to do it again next season. What a wonderful bunch of people.

This morning I woke up to about 8 inches of heavy wet snow, so I was a little nervous getting back through Loveland Pass from Silverthorne, but all went well and I'm home hunched over the 'puter again. I can't think of a better way to have ended my first real season (total = 15 days)

A HUGE thank you to everyone!!!!
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Sorry that it's taken me this long to get to the computer and do a quick write up -- To the best of my recollection (as the weekend "historian") here's the highlights:

- suck it up buttercup it's only 4 flights of stairs and you'll be that much closer to being acclimated
- you took the ELEVATOR??!!??
- hey, you do ski like a girl
- hey Falline -- RUFF RUFF
- meet at the palm tree for lunch. what palm tree? the one in the parking lot ... you can't miss it
- bong? like the pipe?
- up or down? I thought you said f$ck or drown!
- s-s-s-s-s-sonny, does it say how t-t-t-t-t turn it OFF?
- how do you tap this keg?
- katy's taking her twin t*ts out for a run
- LMs twins just aren't as big, tho
- I'm a cheap lei!
- Bear's a cheap lei, too
- just tip the ski and balance on it - OH ok, sorry, be right on that!

- that's SI's daughter? but, she's SO nice
- you do pivot slips on your first run of the day? hell even I don't do that!(VSP)
- but her t*ts are so big she can only fascinate
- she's a bit unbalanced -- GEE, you think?
- more knee! more knee!

Saturday's attendance was at least 30 and the last stragglers departed close to 7pm from the apres fun in the parking lot!

Sunday's attendance was about 16 and due to weather we all cleared out by 3.30pm.

It was a great day and there are lots of great pictures floating around -- VSP and Bong have the best shots.

see you later ...
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You forgot: Hava, Nagila and multiple orgasms!!!

BTW, Kiersten, Joanne, one of my students said that you are an excellent carver!
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I don't remember Hava and Nagila. ???
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Ask Uncle Louie!
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Found My CF Card!!

What a fun weekend!! It was great skiing with all the bears both those I know and new friends just met.

Groomer Girls!

A cheap lei!!

City Girl preparing for the mountains!

See more photos from the weekend here: Loveland 3/23-24

Looking forward to the next time I get to ski with bears.

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Wow, great photo of Falline playing the ski bunny. A few days away from her hubby, and she's already curling her eyelashes for the boys!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Wow, great photo of Falline playing the ski bunny. A few days away from her hubby, and she's already curling her eyelashes for the boys!
LOL - she CLAIMED that if she doesn't curl them, they smear up her goggles:

Fall line ---- How is the shoulder?????
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Falline's got a bum shoulder too? Hey Falline how's the foot?
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Originally Posted by DrFRAU
LOL - she CLAIMED that if she doesn't curl them, they smear up her goggles
Gotta be wearing a ton of mascara for that to happen!
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re the eyelashes: they DO smudge my goggles if I don’t curl them... my back-up story is that you can take the princess out of the South...

and a disclaimer I swear is true -- if anyone noticed, I’m not wearing my wedding ring on my left hand because when I get cold, it pulls off with my glove. I switch it to the right hand when I ski. Hubby has witnessed my “finger shrinkage”, really! Of course, now he sees me preening sans devotional symbol.

The shoulder is rough right now . I’ll know more tomorrow when I see the man I wish I could claim as a dependent, my orthopod.

Springhill Crazie, foot is still broken, celebrex is still on the market, and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is opening on Friday -- Life is Good. Oh yeah, and I found some vicodin .

I can’t wait for a moment of lucidity to get some highlights of my week-out-west on paper (pixels?) I had the greatest time and want to laud enthusiastically those who let me play with them.
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Guess it's still safe to talk about Loveland here !

All I have to say about the weekend is............if you weren't there............BOY did you screw up !
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Uncle Louie: Thanks for the carrots, beer and bean salad!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Uncle Louie: Thanks for the carrots, beer and bean salad!
I leave town for a little while to drive cross-country, and she finally starts having beer? And in a salad with beans??!!

And I thought the food/drink choices in Indiana and Ohio were strange! Yum, Beer 'n Bean Salad! (Actually that sounds like something that would go over well in the Midwest good alternative to "biscuits 'n goo" at truckstops. )
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Let me know when you're passing thru on your way back and I'll see if we can't scrape up something a bit better than "biscuits n' goo" here in Ohio:
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LOL----She must have had a lot of beer Mark....... I brought pickles and cookies to the Loveland party !

More on this later...........
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Originally Posted by DrFRAU
Had piles of laughs and a beer at the "tailgate" - actually I was a two-fisted drinker - a Newcastle in one hand and a bottle of water in the other!
It' later..................I think Frau stayed at LM's house. I'm begining to think all those "don't drink"......"no pot" threads were a big cover up:

Beer and Bean Salad & Pickles and Cookies. Was she never told that "mixing" can give you a bad headache ?
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
It' later..................I think Frau stayed at LM's house. I'm begining to think all those "don't drink"......"no pot" threads were a big cover up: ?

Yeah, you know how those medical people are..... do as I say, not as I do!!
Imagine how hammered I could have gotten if I hadn't just climbed 10,000 ft in 5 hours.:

Get her away from her kids.... and she turns into a wild woman. Next thing ya know she'll be bikini-skiing and hitting on instructors.....What's the world coming to?

Hmmmm, better hurry and get signed up for NEXT year!
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Saturday was so fine.

A special thanks to Bong! Doing some important Grocery shopping, etc. and Thanks for lining up those Six Stars. They were effortless, and made the day for sure. If I wouldn't have grabbed some "too long" rental ski poles, my morning would have been as good as the afternoon. Now if I can figure out how to keep those short skis on top of that waist deep, sun rotted stuff at the edges of the trees ........

Gosh I'm a slow learner about the sun. That air must be real thin at 13000'! The face is very a- peeling and was too hot to sleep Sunday night.

It was a blast to ski with the adventure group in the afternoon, Meeting Bob Barns, who is actually a photographer. And all the rest.

Our visitors from Sweden had a super time and hope to return again some winter. Kenneth was very impressed! But tired of pivot slips just in time to avoid serious injury it sounds. :-)

Ric remains the consumate host at any mountain and his animate delivery of hot burgers and brats was better than loud music to keep the lunch crowd on our toes. Can you all believe it? There was TOO MUCH FOOD! LM, That trail mix is GOOOOD!

Uncle Louie I'm happy to know your drive home was without catastrophic failure. But heck, You could handle a bit of adventure!

All in all, VERY NICE. I could get used to this!

A Good time was had by all!

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HA, HA!! I wonder who is going to be the next New England tarnsplat to Colorado!

Next time you come up, you can stay with us. if you promise to bring Kenneth, I'll make you all the trail mix you want! {even though he's not half as cute as my husband, but a girl can never have too much eye candy! }
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