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If anyone comes late, I will be in the lodge. Look for a curvy blond who is not in ski clothes, probably doing some stretches. Since I probably know more Epic folks than most people, I can point you in the right direction.
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I wish I could be there! I hope for all of you to have great weather and a great time.

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Why don't we shoot for a 9 AM meeting time in the lodge. It hasn't been softening up till @ 10 and some at the Basin didn't soften at all today.
How bout a 12:30 meeting time for the late comers at the Lunch Spot. If those folks can catch up to us on the hill before then fine, if not we can all meet at lunch.

Thoughts ?
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I agree with Louie. Meeting at 9 would be preferable. Give folks a chance to get there, get organized and get on the snow around 9:45. It may well be very crunchy until then.

Saw Jeff Bergeron (our resident boot guru) today. He'll be there Saturday and is looking forward to meeting folks.

See you all!
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I have made some signs on hot pink and bright green paper -- follow them and look for the pink flamingo!!!

ok ok ok ... 9am meet in the base lodge - I am buying tickets no later than 9.20am. how's that? let's do the same time/same place for both days.

for those of you looking to bring things, we still need:
- napkins/paper towels
- paper plates
- plastic utensils
- chips/salsa (snacks?)

We already have
- grill
- hamburgers and rolls
- condiments
- water and gatorade
- pickles
- one offer for dessert (could use more)

If you decide to bring something to contribute, please post here.

Thanks all!
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Guess what kiddies! IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!

I'll bring chips. Hopefully, I can get to the supermarket to pick up some salsa.
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I will bring a dessert.

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I can bring paper plates / plastic utensils. A few chairs and a table to set stuff on.
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i can also bring utensils, although making it there to meet the group does not seem likely; but i am more than willing to ski everything that's open to find you guys !
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I'll bring paper towels/napkins. Anything available for folks who aren't into beef?
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bringing a shrimp ring and some chocolaty things on Saturday...

are we eating during the day or after the lifts close???? (I'm presuming the latter for the moment)
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Guess my ignorance is showing (again!). Where would one find a Real Deal coupon?
From your Ski School Director or whomever runs the dept you work in at your ski area, (or designated employee as I was the other weekend). If it's closed, you're outta luck. I had ski school staff sign those out right and left the other week at Loveland - last day of school. Only good with an Employee Pass. If you have one and your area is closed, Loveland will charge you $ 10.00. A-Basin will charge $10.00 too on the Gems coupons. Some areas are Real Deal others are GEMS.

I just gave away most of my comp tickets to Loveland today to my Orthopod's office employees. I got the clearance to go snowboard again after 8 weeks out from knee surgery and PT agony. Woo hoo, I haven't been since getting injured back in December. Just in time for Employee Day May 2. Probably go up for Closing Day festivities too.

Lisa Marie, Loveland has wireless Internet access in the basin lodge. Reception is even possible down in the Rat Cellar (Rathskeller). So you can drink beer and surf at the same time.
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Thanks, daysailer1, that's what I thought. I do not have that advantage, given that I'm an unpaid (volunteer) "employee" at Copper Ski & Ride School. Thanks for enlightening me, though!
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Lisa Marie, Loveland has wireless Internet access in the basin lodge. Reception is even possible down in the Rat Cellar (Rathskeller). So you can drink beer and surf at the same time.
Woo Hooo!!! I can do Live Coverage! Not a beer drinker, BTW. It always seems so unlady like!
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Getting Veggie burgers too. Chicken??
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Thanks Bong and Cagboulder. Not a beef person either. Chicken is good. I made up a big trail mix tonight. Bring a baggie if you want to take some on the slopes.
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fyi, Sat could be a busy day on the hill

From the Loveland web site:

Loveland Vert Alert II
After a very successful inaugural year, Loveland's Vert Alert is back with a vengeance for the 04-05 season. Loveland has once again teamed up with Emage Networks and will provide a new and improved terrain park for this season's events. The new and improved park will allow skiers and riders of all abilities to compete within categories based on age, sex, ride and ability level. The day will include the park competition, rail jam, live music on the hill, food, drinks and TONS of great prizes. Times and costs are TBD. Please call (303)571-5580 Ext. 141 for details

Buckskin Stallion Live on The Plaza
Named after a Townes Van Zandt song, the Colorado based alt-country band does the legend proud. Troy Schoenfelder's keen songwriting treads dusty roads marked with Woody Guthrie's footprints and on their debut CD Blue Ribbon Buzz he deftly guides the band along a lonesome highway of both fiery barroom anthems and introspective gems that return the term singer-songwriter to a noble light. Buckskin Stallion has shared bills with Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, James McMurty, Reverend Horton Heat and others. This promises to be a show you won't want to miss. Check them out on The Plaza from 2pm until 5pm, weather permitting. For more details on the band,visit www.buckskinstallionmusic.org

The 4th Annual Corn Harvest
The 4th Annual Corn Harvest is back at Loveland Ski Area. The Corn Harvest is a fun-filled day where telemark skiers and backcountry users can get together for a day of spring skiing, lunch, music, spirits and raffle prizes. More importantly, The Corn Harvest is a benefit to raise money for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center(CAIC).
$50 gets you a lift ticket, raffle ticket, lunch and refreshments. It will cost you just $25 if you already have a pass. Come on out and enjoy a great day at Loveland Ski Area and give back to an organization that provides essential information and education to all back country users. For more information, please e-mail cornharvest@earthlink.net
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Okay, I'm off to the Pittsburgh airport --- see y'all tomorrow!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Not a beer drinker, BTW. It always seems so unlady like!
Woman your idea of ladylike is nuts! Bring on the beer, good beer please!
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no champagne?
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I have been drinking my fair share of Prosecco of late yummmm

Originally Posted by cagboulder
no champagne?
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I want you all to promise to have a drink for me.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
I want you all to promise to have a drink for me.
And a few turns for you too, Foxy! LewBob
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A drink for Stewart

When I'm done skiing each day I will have a jaiger for you. But I must tell you one of my grandfather's favorites:

Here's to you, and you and you. I have drunk to your health so many times I have damn near ruined my own.
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Have the remains of a glass of Jaeger next to me as I type.

Drinking Grolsch tomorrow!!

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You guys can't imagine how jealous I am that I can't be there.
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miss you


We will miss you, but look forward to skiing with you agian next year.
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also bringing some chips and lots of dip, some apples, beer, peanuts, utensils and napkins
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So, LM, where are the streaming reports?!
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A beautiful day-a tad windy. Many Bears and others in attendance. It was great to have 5-count 'em 5, PSIA-RM Examiners there skiing with us. Even SCSA made an appearance-yes Paul can turn 'em well. I think the crowd was about 30.

Don Daigle (a long time Copper instructor) and I spent the morning skiing off the Ridge with Joe Webster (a long time examiner). A few little focus thoughts here and there but mostly just enjoy the day-maybe my last day of the season.

Vailsnopro was the burger meister-not bad but you get what you pay for!

Possibly 1 to 4 inches tonight.

I'm sure more will be posted shortly!
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