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Help setting Salomon 810 toe piece..I have a problem

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I have read the recent posts in Gear Discussion and understand the basics of "hobby" binding adjustment. My wife bought a new pair of Salomon Pilot Scream 8W's three season ago. She skiied them a year on Langes. Loves the ski and skis very well, going faster and enjoying the black bumps of Colorado more and more each run. She bought Rossi Soft boots two years ago. We had the boots set up to the skis at our home mountain. At least I think they were set up!! She hates the boots, which I have attributed to her increased ability. I was putting them away for the season, when I noticed the boot was loose in the toe area. I could slide the toe of her boot back and forth between the wings of the Salomons with little effort( fyi, I do not know all of the acronyms for binding parts so beg pardon).

Having read the past posts, I was able to insert a .5mm card between her boot toe and the binding, with the boot installed! I then tighten the toe screw, 2 full turns. Then another full turn( 3 total). I was still able to pull the card out, although it took some force( just right I should think). I removed the card; reset the toe screw to original setting before this test. Then I tightened the screw 6 to 7 turns before I could not move the boot without quite a bit of force.

Next I looked at the Wings of the toe piece. They had no purpose as far as I could see; they were far from contacting the boot toe. I screwed the side screw in 3/4 turn before the wings touched the boot.

I am sure the bindings are not set correctly, and that the wings not touching the boot allowed way too much slop( about 3 mm). It may even be likely that part of what my wife does not like about the soft boot is the "soft mounting".

My wife rarely skiis out of her bindings as it is. I should think tighening the toe screw by 3 turns, plus adjusting the wings to just touch the boot would be the right set up. Comments?

Also, I just got her a full tune at the hill, and will take the whole lot up next fall to get them to check out the binding setting.

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I think your last line said it all. In the Fall have a shop do the binding check and adjust as needed. It is well worth the $25.00 or as to know she will be safe in her bindings. Another way to think of it as money saved by not having to pay the co-pay at the Hospital because the binding didn't act like it should have.
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with the salomon toe piece it is quite common for the screws to loosen as the day progresses...so the shop may have done it right the first time and your wife screwed them loose(as opposed to having a screw loose...)
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