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How long does a properly cared for pair of skis last? I am looking at buying a pair of last-year demos that has about 20-30 days of skiing on it. The skis seem to be in a good condition except for minor cosmetic scratches on top and base but edges are fine. Am I getting these near the end of their lives?
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Not at all - if they are not oxidized (white/light areas on bases) . . . that much time on a pair of skis is nothing. If the edges are in good shape, and no other physical problems apparent - and they are cheap - do it!
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Todd, about the light/white areas on the bases: Are they likely to be removed with a base grind and wax job?
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They can be - it is just rust, and like the rust on metal we all are familier with, it can vary greatly in depth depending upon how long and and how bad the storage conditions were. I've seen P-Tex oxidation just a couple of months old reach all the way to the core - and I've seen P-Tex oxidation a couple of years old only read a couple of millimeters into the base. Pretty unpredictable. With a bright light, magnifying glass and careful use of a strong sharp probe you can find out how deep it goes before wasting $ on a deep stone-grind. Probe in spots as far from the edge as possible, and ideally at the tip and tail areas which are raised. But of course if the oxidation is only in heavy use areas, you'll have to probe there.

After all these years, I'm still bad - I often don't think about sticking on storage wax until about August . . . and then I just think "oh heck, why bother - we are almost to ski season!"
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Don't say that!!! I was just about to get the skis out and put the storage wax on!
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Actually demo skis get usually get cared for much better than the average skier cares for his/her skis. So the 20-30 days should be nothing. How long a ski last depends on a lot of factors. Most recreational skiers do not ski enough or hard enough to wear out a pair of skis. Unless you hit a lot of rocks, even very frequent sharpening will not wear skis out in 100 days. I inherited a pair of skis from my son that he had used as race trainers, and it seemed that the ski died half way through last season. I'd say they had 75 days on them and the camber seemed to disappear throughout the day. At the end of the day those skis would be in reverse camber. Some of the camber was regained as they warmed up.
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