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Twentieth Winter Olympics

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It's time to start exploring the prospects for the XX'th Winter Olympics. With the NHL debacle, this should mean that the national hockey teams will be the best ever. Here's the Olympic Link
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The Olympics are interesting:

Thousands of volunteers working hard for free...

Hundreds of athletes working super-hard, practically for free... that politicians and IOC heads can bathe in glory, and multinational corporations will bathe in dollars. Amazing. It's like watching a magic act.
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i worked the Olympics of 2002, got paid pretty good, and got to see 3 events free.
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Originally Posted by tahoetr
i worked the Olympics of 2002, got paid pretty good, and got to see 3 events free.
Good. Anyone working with the Olympics should be paid, and paid well.
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The only convincing argument I have ever heard justifying the multi-million dollar sports salaries is that they have to be getting paid so much to win that nobody could ever bribe them to lose. Go White Sox!
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I was working for one of the 3 Utah resorts, and they had a contract with the Olympic Committee for the wages of the employees of the resort, needed to work the venue. being able to see some of the events up close and personal ,like i was able to , would of been payment enough
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not to mention the experience itsefl.
living and working in dwontown SLC in Feb 2002 is a memory I will cherish til I die.
so many fun interesting people from all over the world, soo excited about winter sports, best skiiers in the world competing, I could go on with superlatives for a page and still not come close to capturing it.
If you can, go.
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best words to describe it all
organized mass confusion,,, and one hell of a party Utah will never see again
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