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Fritschi's on steepandcheap.com

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Why are there no brakes? Are they old ones?
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Please forgive the question, but what is special about the Fritschi Diamir Titanal 3 Alpine Touring ?
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The Diamir Titanal III binding is a solid alpine tour binding (randonne) with a DIN up to 10. Unlike the Freestyle (DIN 12) it does not include brakes, but they can be purchased separately, or you can use straps. The Titanal is lighter than the freeride, with no brakes and a lower DIN. Freerides cost about $335, and the $125 shown here is as low as I have seen for T3. People I have seen on T3 do well and I have not heard many complaints. The drawback with the deal referenced above is that the only size available is long. That means if your boot is less than 130 mm in length (about size 29), it will not work for you. Otherwise, if you have large feet and need an alpine touring binding, this is a great deal on quality hardware.
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Thats an excellent deal if your Big Foot. wish there was some way to cut them down a few mill.
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We talked about cutting them down in another thread, and decided it would be pretty difficult.

Freerides are going to $420 next year so they are going for $340 on ebay now.
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boot soles have to be more then 330mm in length., I suppose you could cut down the titanal rod at the heel piece end bwdik
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Supposedly the "long" size Diamir fits a minimum boot size of 325mm, which is what I have, in a Salomon Crossmax 10 (28.5 mondo). I'm tempted, but I really really really don't need these.

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My boot is more like a 26.5, and I'm looking to spend a max of $350 on a solid set of AT bindings. Any recommendations? Brakes are preferred.
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Bjtuna, you can still buy medium Fritschi Diamirs T3s and add the brakes. BackCountry.com outlet is still selling the regular size binding at $174, and standard or wide brakes at $30 to $33. This is still a great deal in your budget. You will even have enough left over to buy some skins. Believe me, you don't want the long binding.
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I skied the Naxo and the Fritschi Freeride about 50-50 this year,. I got the Naxo for $230 but have not seen a price like that since. Both are good, I find the Naxo to be a little better in a lot of ways. Just make sure you get this year's Naxo; last year they had brakage problems. I have some t3's as well and they are fine, just not as sturdy or snappy in their action. These things are all going up in price next year.
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http://www.usoutdoorstore.com has Fritschi's for $335 and Naxo's
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