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Eric Barone wipeout

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I was watching tv tonight (I must be ill), and on Ripley's Believe it or Not, I saw Eric Barone mountain bike down a volcano in Nicaragua......and clock 107 mph.......and then crashing! : His custom bike (not one of Gonzo's, hence the failure!) broke in half at that speed! He broke 5 ribs, had muscle damage and a separated shoulder, if I remember correctly.

Is this guy nuts or what!

Next time, have Gonz test ride that bike!
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from guideofnicaragua.com

Flying Frenchman Breaks World Speed Record for Mountain Biking in Nicaragua

By: Johanna Klemm

Cerro Negro, a beautiful sand-covered volcano in the north of Nicaragua, was the setting where Eric Barone, an adventurous French sportsman, broke the world speed record for mountain biking. On November 4th 2001, Barone flew down the black slopes of Cerro Negro at 130.43 kilometers per hour, exceeding his own old world record of 118 kilometers per hour, achieved in Hawaii in 1999.

Pierre Gédéon, owner of Nicaragua Adventures, a tour operator in Managua, organized this event. He did a terrific job of promoting the event in Europe, bringing reporters and officials to verify its veracity, and a French film crew, who filmed an exciting documentary of the feat. This 26-minute documentary, which aired in at least a dozen European countries, also reveals the many beautiful wonders of Nicaragua and the warmth of its people.

But what Gédéon did next is truly unbelievable! Pierre was the first man crazy enough to ski down into the crater of an active volcano in Central America. He plunged down from Cerro Negro’s summit, down a 4-meter wide channel, with a 50-degree slope of inclination. His daring feat must have impressed the fiery volcano gods, as he came back in one piece. Gédéon’s impressive stunt is also recorded on the aforementioned documentary.

If you too are an adventurous (and experienced) sportsperson, and want to give this new trend in “volcanic sports” a try, contact Gédéon at Nicaragua Adventures, tel: 0883-7162 He can guide you down Cerro Negro’s shiny black slopes on a mountain bike, skis or, get this… a snowboard, our should we say, “sand” board?
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Who are these crazy people? They said the temperatures were "only" about 106 degrees on top where Eric started his run. He was trussed into a skintight rubber lookin suit and helmet........I'd have passed out from heat exhaustion!

Thanks, ryan!
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Wind chill, Bonni, wind chill ;)

From El Nuevo Diario.
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