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If ASC was smart....

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The would activate our passes for next year so we could ski now. I would be up at Killington for Sunday. Oh well.
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Your pass represents the second year for the mega cheap all east pass. ASC sold millions of these passes but lost some longtime customers. The logistics of programming the scanners for a few scant weeks is alot easier said than done plus it would piss off some of the current pass holders.

The real answer is it's not worth it in view of the fact that they already have your money and the fact that ASC has never made a dime of profit from day 1 so they are desparate to keep costs down. Alot of people, including myself, are waiting with baited breath for their Q3 report which ends on April 30th.
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You can read all about ASC money woes at www.saminfo.com
They report on any ski resort related items.
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Sugarbush is honoring next year's pass when purchased now for the end of this season. Considering that only Mt. Ellen is open now and the skiing is still fantastic - as well as the weather this weekend - it's not a bad deal. For ASC, a bit harder as some of their resorts have closed (Attitash) while most remain open - it would probably be a programming fiasco for them.
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I wonder if the cheap pass will be sustainable for ASC. As an occasional Killington skier, I was turned off by even more crowds at Killington and didn't think my discounted lift ticket was worth it let alone paying for a rack rate ticket. For me it was better to get up a little earlier and head up to Sugarbush for less crowded slopes and a huge variety of trails. Ironically the discounted Sugarbush lift tickets I get are $4 cheaper than K'ton and are direct to the lift.
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I talked to several people this past season that were coming to the Bush cause the ski experience at Kmart had deteriated so. Quanitiy vs quality...we shall see if it has at least mid-term positives financially.
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I agree, I also like Sugarbush better than Killington. But since I have a free place to stay by Killington, it just makes sence for me.
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If ASC would do whats best for the public they would sell Steamboat to the Mueller family
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what is best for ASC??
Get out of the industry.
Stop biting off more than they can chew.
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