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Broken ankle (and boot).
Seriously cutted finger (and gloves) while falling on my butt on a monoski in the 80's (don't ask).
Major contusion on my lower back ans self-esteem after having consecutively felt on a stair, on an iced slope and being hurted by the chair lift from hell, all on the same exact spot, the same day. Couldn't sit for a week.
Several serious hangover after excessive consumption of tartiflette and savoie white wine.
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2001- Harline fracture of the heel
2005- Right Tib-fib fracture leaving me with a rod and 4 screws.
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1990 - dozen lumbar-sacral compression fractures from "ass above head syndrome"
1995 - grade 2 right MCL tear -beer-ski-beer-ski-beer aka College Race Week
2005 - assorted nose, facial lacerations/bruising from "of course there is snow under that huge drop" ragdoll injury
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The usual stitches and bruises. One concussion.
Seperated sholder last year on Superbowl Sunday - terrain park experiment.

Severe tear to my one piece suit while walking down the stairs to the liquor store in Park City back in the 80's : That one really hurt!
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Originally Posted by dchan
N I am suprised however that I don't set the metal detectors off at the airport. I guess the newer alloy doesn't have enough magnetic material. My friend who still has his Femural nail from ~20 years ago tells me he sets of all the detectors at the airport.

Maybe its cuz I am weird, and maybe because i was in my early/mid 20 s when it happened, but the first question I asked when I came out of my cranial surgery was: "am I gonna set off metal detectors?"
doc said titanium was not ferrous enough.

aside from sprains, contusions, concussions and occasional sutures....

Dec. 1996 cranial compression fracture held in place w/ 2 ti plates (see above)

Feb 1997 broken scapula, spinal process, facial lacerations that required some plastic surgery, head to toe green and purpleness requiring 3 days of in- patient "pain control"

currently fractured humeral tuberosity(sp?)
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2004 - Frostbite on my big toe and tore my plantaris tendon.
The only injuries I've had in 35+ years of skiing, other than minor stuff, and they came about a month apart.
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1998 - medial ligament

2000 - torn calf muscle
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ouchie wouchy

90's broke nose on pine tree branch
90's broke metacarpal bones on left and right hands just above main thumb knuckle
90's split knogan open just above forehaed, sustained severe concussion
98 sustained severe concussion again. (Hospitalized) Had to wear helmet full time for awhile even not skiing, only when I ski now or do any action sports.
2000 Worst Yr. Ever! Completely tore acl off of femur, tore mcl and ripped miniscus 3/4 out of my knee joint, (FUN)
2005 no injuries since 00 and ski harder than ever. I guess I payed my dues? Knock Knock on wood
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