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Advice: Skis for 110 pound sixteen year old

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My son is a pretty decent athlete, but he's 5'8" tall and weighs only 110 pounds. He's been having a hard time gaining weight even as he grows in height. He has never skied on a pair of non-children's skis, and he's lost most of his interest in skiing. His boots are great, so I don't want to get into that here. Please suggest what skis from this year's crop will work for him, including recommendations on length for each model recommended. He prefers ungroomed snow, although in the east, he frequently skis on hardpack.
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Hey Oboe, my son is 15 and 5'6" 110 lbs. He's currently on 160 Rossi T-power Cobra's (same ones as you have). He loves them and they still work well for him off piste even though they are not a wide ski (103/65/93) due to his light weight. He also skis some Atomic 9.22's in a 160 which work great when there's a big dump. They work like a fat ski for him.

He prefers the Cobra's overall though because they are so light and quick. Maybe you could hand down your old skis to your son?
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Great thought, wiz! Thing is, his boot sole length is longer than mine, and the bindings would need to be remounted. Also, I WANT MY ICE SKATES!

But the idea still works . . . I may have him try out the CURRENT T-Power Cobra X, which is wider and more flexible length-for-length.

Thanks for the input!

By the way, does anyone have thoughts on how the Dynastar Agyl line might work for my son?

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I'm 5'9" and 125 pounds. I have a pair of 180 cm atomic beta rides. anyone think that they are too long? (they are a tad over my head.) I ski between level 8 and 9.

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Well, fb, I'm 5'8" and 150 pounds, and they're WAY too long for me, but maybe you just ski better than I do [wouldn't doubt it!] Still, I wonder what you yourself would find if you were to demo these skis a a shorter length.

Considering that my son is not only light, but also that he has never skied on adult skis and he's loosing interest in skiing, the very last thing I want to do is get him on skis that are either too long or too stiff.

But back to the question: What about the Dynastar Agyl line?
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Funny you mention that your son's losing interest in skiing, because my son's going through the same thing right now. I guess it's that age where its more important to be hanging around with his friends than skiing with the family. He definitely has more fun when he's able to ski with others of his own age, rather than with mom & dad. Unfortunately none of his friends really ski. It's too bad because he's such a great skier. I think I'll ease up on him this year and let him sit out a few ski trips or find him some cute 16yr old ski bunny to chase around the slopes. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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WAIT!!! What about the Rossi Bandit XX in a 170cm length or so?? Haha, sorry i had to oboe . The cobra sound like a very good ski for him. They are so easy to ski on too, you cant go wrong.
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Yeah, I'm going to recommend the Salomon X-scream series as a great fun, soft, do it all east coast ski (it's what I ski!). Length - I don't know.

I'm 24 now, and I found that in high school, most of my friends from school didn't ski. I did a lot of night skiing/racing at our local area, and made friends with the other skiers out there. I did have a skiing girlfriend for a while, and that involved alot of making out on the chairlift or her car.

I still meet most of the people I ski with at the ski area. It's very difficult to find people in your day to day life that are serious skiers.


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Since we live in the same area, I am going to recommend that you check the Alpine Shop on Williston road, they have some last year's Volkl twintips in 158 at a good price. The model is "park rider", and they look way cool, with a viking-like graphic. I haven't seen or heard of this model on this forum or anywhere else. I bought a pair for my son who is 115 lbs, age 13, coming back from the darkside (board bum). He and his friends think the skis look great, which is most of the battle. I had extensive conversations about the ski with the shop people and I bought them on their advice, a number of them having bought them for their kids because of the great pricing. Check 'em out, let me know what you think.
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Hey, Oboe
At the various ski resorts that I frequent, it seems like every teenager who hasn't yet gone over to the Dark Side (aka "Snowboarding") is riding Salomon 1080's and hanging out in the terrain park. As we grown-ups know only too well, teens are slaves to fashion, and skiing is no exception. Check out what's cool at your favourite mountain, and go with that, even if it's nothing more advanced than a pair of old barrel staves.
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Seems funny that a few of you have this same 'problem' of a kid losing interest in skiing as they get older.

I just turned 20, and have gone through the exact opposite. First tried skiing at 15, loved it, and started to get more serious last season.

Get your teenagers in some ski school where they enjoy themselves. Maybe split the days whereby you ski together for half and separate for the other half.

Sounds like your fight to keep the teenagers interested is an uphill battle. That said, you've got the joys of skiing on your side. Good luck.
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The question to which I need answers is the original: Considering the lad's weight, what "adult" skis will bend enough to be fun for him? It's not question of fashion at all, and there's no "getting" him into a ski school - I don't believe there's anything to be gained in our relationship by forcing the issue.

So back to the drawing board: What skis? What length?
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Oboe my old friend. Get him on some 1080's or some k2 Enemy's around 165 in length and let him hang out in the park for a while. Honestly, twinn tips are the way to go. They are cool to be on . He'll fit in with everyone, which helps, and they're durable as hell. Also real easy to ski on. I've tried all of my son's and they are a riot. By the way, we're getting our first taste of lake effect snow today. Could have more than a foot by the weekend. Another cool thing. My son Daryl is now working in the local ski shop selling skis and gear. He's in Heaven. Oh those shop form prices and deals for Mom and Dad. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Lars, thanks for the input. This kid has no interest in the park - he likes natural snow in natural places, and at 110 pounds and never having been on a pair of adult skis, we need something from 150 to 160 and flexible. I plan to get him on some demos to start rather than sink bucks into a pair of skis he may not like. Here's hoping that he'll find something that re-ignites his interest.

Part of the problem is the age. Part of the problem is the skis. And part of the problem is that he's always been my ski buddy, and now he's rather be with his friends, few of who are skiers. As I say, here's hoping!

I'm also hoping to see you at one of the gatherings or even at HV!
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Loosing your ski buddy huh? Know what that's like. After spending all those years teaching my sons to do bumps, powder, steep terrain and what have you, they now take a few token runs with the old man and heads for the park, leaving me to spend more time with the Wifey, Oh? Such is life. Sollie makes a 720 twinn tip, softer flexing, shorter lengths or the Rossi cut series is a great intermediate ski that will let him do his own thing. I'm sure you can find some demos. Maybe we can do some turns this year.
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Let me elaborate on why I recommended the X-Scream.

I'm about 6'1", 180-190 lb. I ski the x-scream in a 195 because it runs soft. In most other modern performance all mountain skis I would be most comfortable on a 180-185 cm due to the stiffer flex. I choose the x-scream because I could ski it in a longer length, it is a very versitile ski, very easy to ski, but gives up no performance to stiffer all mountain skis.

Your son at 110 lbs could ski it in a ~170+ cm length easily. Due to his height, I don't think he'd feel comfortable off-piste on a 150-160 length ski. A longer x-scream would give him good stablity and float in powder/crud, the soft tip helps keep the tip up and the ski floating. The x-scream around the 170 length would still be easily manageable in moguls or trees, because it's not a heavy ski.

Again, demo, demo, demo.

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Hmmm. This is going to be something for me to think about when I get a pair of skis. It sounds like your son is even taller and less solid, so to speak, than I was last year even.

Do any ski companies make skis with lighter people in mind? I do know that some make skis that are designed for women, but I'm not sure what that entails. And of course, what 16 year old male would be caught dead on "girl's skis"?

Unfortunately, I know basically nothing about different skis, but I can appreciate the problem you face here, oboe. Let me know what you decide on! I hope your son remains interested in skiing - I like seeing people around my age on the slopes.

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Oboe take him and his buddies out when the girls are racing , that should keep him stoked for the slopes. Personally unless the kid wants to hang in the park I would stay away from twin tips , keep them on a performance oriented ski. I put my daughter on twin tips last season (after a long and frusterating discusion) and found her form and stability to be hindered. She even pointed out to me that she felt them to be unstable at speed and nothing in the tail for power. This may not apply to others but she's going to be on an all mountain performance ski this year . There are now some hybrid twin tips out there but most apply to adults and he would not be heavy enough.
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