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Current Whistler Conditions

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Hey, y'all,

I was just wondering if anyone has been up to Whistler lately. It looks like they've had a decent amount of snow lately so I was wondering if the season has turned around of if it's still mediocre. Thanks!!
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The top of the hill is great. I was there 1 1/2 weeks ago and there was full coverage from mid-mountain on up. It should be better now because there has been quite a bit of snowfall since then. Blackcomb closes after this weekend.
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There is an enormous amount of snow above mid stations. Below mid-station is crap. For enormous, read waist deep snow on 6 laps off Spankys today but this may be exaggerated due to wind-transport.
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today after 3 cms of new snow there are still fresh lines all over Whistler Peak. No crowds. Snow falling at rate of 1 - 2 cms / hour. SE facing aspects have a crusty layer probably from x-loading and from solar. N and West aspects have greater then 20 - 30 cms of fairly light snow
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Thanks for the update! I'm headiing up for a few days next week...hope the good weather continues. What do other locals think about the change in fortune? Seems like some of the instructors and others might be bitter that the snow came right at the end of the season.
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I was up this Monday and it was awesome. 16cm of new with snow still falling. I was skiing lines had been marginal or unskiable a few weeks ago. It's the best coverage they've had all season and the forecast is for more snow to fall over all week long. The way it's been going, you would swear it's mid season instead of end of season. Don't be discouraged by what you see on the ride up the gondola. The conditions up top are the complete opposite of what you see below.
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Laertes, please post about conditions after your return.
I come up there on 23-Apr for a few days. It was not planned just could not
resist after recent dumps.
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Its puking snow
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Just got back from WB, and...
It was ok, if you're into this kind of thing:

blue skies
great snow
18C/65F temps
no crowds
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I was there yesterday, too:

Wet heavy-ish snow, sunny with some clouds...and a little blizzard at the Peak around 3 pm.
No rocks on runs to report - which is great for May 8! It was very hot - I skied in light sweater + Gore-Tex shell and shorts (long shorts w/long underwear underneath).
A beautiful day. I might go up once or twice more before the season ends in June.
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Supposed to go tomorrow, too...I'll report back, though just to brag about skiing in June. Haha.
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Enjoy it. You ski god.
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