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Dynastar 8800 purchase?

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Hi All, I have a chance to purchase some Dynastar 8800 178 length demo's with Look Nova 11 bindings that are in great condition for $375. These skis are intended to compliment my Recons for the powder days. I realize that their are fatter powder skis but I prefer to have more flexibility. The reality is, you have to get to and from the good stuff via the normal trails so why not make the best of that time also!

I have a couple questions though prior to purchase:

- Short turn ability. The stats say they have a 25m radius but I have read posts that say they are better at short and medium turns?

- Will the demo binding, Look Nova 11, allow me to move the center of boot back 1 - 1.5 cm as other posts have mentioned this to be an important change in 2006?

- Any other feedback is appreciated!

As for me, I ski Tahoe 2-4 days a week - trees, chutes, steep... Currently a Heavenly pass holder although have had passes at Squaw and Kirkwood.

btw - skied the past two days and it was excellent . The snow was so good I thought it was January
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Good to hear about the snow holding up at Heavenly. I was out there during the week of Jan 10 - 18, and it was absolutely amazing. I'll be there again on April 21st - 26th.

I wish I could be of some help regarding your Dynastar 8800 question. Perhaps you can help me. I'm looking to demo the Atomic Metrons while at Heavenly in a few weeks. Do you know of any shops in the villiage that demo these? I'm trying to decide whether to leave my planks at home and demo all weekend.
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I used the 8800 in the 172 cm length at Northstar on a powder day, but for just a couple of runs. At that length, that sucker could turn very quick and was amazingly good in the bumps. The powder was heavy and mostly packed already, but it seeme d to do the trick out there in the trees too.
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-the 8800 will make any turn shape you want
-yes the binding will allow you to recenter the boot where you wish
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Heavenly rents Atomic - not sure which models though. They have a great program. For $40 you can test as many skis as you like. You can chose which skis and have them setup for you the day prior to the rental day so you are all set to demo and ski as fast as you can. Will look for you on the mountain!
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That is a great deal on the the 8800's but is there that much difference between them and the Recon's? Have you thought about the fatter skis like the Suggar Daddy, Explosiv, Gotama, ect. Just wondering if you would have 2 very similar skis?
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Wont know for sure til I try them. I typically would demo them first but at this price if I wait they may be sold. If someone has skied both skis and is an advanced/expert skier I hope they share in the discussion.

From what I understand they are quite a bit wider underfoot (89 vs 78), softer, easy turning in short and medium turns. They will be for powder days and a few days after. Also, I think the 8000 is closer to the Recon (79 vs 78).
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If you buy 8800's the recons will collect dust......

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Please, explain why the Recons will be garaged. I hope you are right in that I like the 8800 as my general ski. Have to admit, I think that is a tall order. I demo'ed several mid-fats this year - Hots, B2, M75, GXP... and, well you know where I put my money.
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I think you'll love the 8800, but don't think it will rinder your Recons obsolete. I own the 8800 and the 8000 and love both. The 8000 is great for days when anything goes, from hardpack to the soft stuff. The 8800's a great for the days that start out soft or deep and end with skied out snow and crud.

You could get by with out the Recon, but since you already own it you don't have to. All the better, IMO.
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That is a good deal, you won't be disappointed. I bought 8800's this season and my other older skis (Bandit XX) haven't been out since. Even on hardpack days I take the 8800. With small risers (P12 Lifter) I can rail turns on groomers, there's no reason to have a narrower waist ski unless you are racing or skiing the east . They are managable for short/medium turns including bumps and trees.
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