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spring skiing gear

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Since everyone has been so helpful, I thought I'd ask you another question.

I have never skied in the spring before. I have done enough other sports that I know the basic rules of wicking layers. However, I think I will need some lighter weight stuff like gloves.

Also, goggles or sunglasses? Hat?

Thanks again everyone, I sure do appreciate your thoughts.
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Definitely lighter gloves. If it's really warm, I use fleece gloves or even cotton yard gloves (just don't get them wet!). I normally wear sunglasses year round unless the weather demands goggles. Any sort of precip, fog, or wind usually tips me towards goggles regardless of the time of year.

Layers are important in spring not for wicking, but to be able to strip/add a layer as needed to adjust to changing weather conditions. Many times, I find myself in just a long sleeve ski shirt and short sleeve capilene shirt or fleece vest in spring. Still always wear nylon ski pants on bottom, but will pass on thermal underwear if it's warm.

Hat/helmet optional if it's really warm.

I guess the key is to bring enough extras to be prepared. On my last outing (a week ago), I was looking forward to spring skiing but ended up with temps in 30s and a lot of wind. There was a lot of fresh powder too, opposite of what I expected. I believe weather is even more unpredictable in the mountains in spring. We're probably far enough into spring that milder temps are more likely at this point

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