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Pocket Rockets or Chubbs

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I may have thought this before but yesterday I found a new pair of PR's for $400 and some 912's to go on them for $100. Great deal but had my eye on some new Chubbs at Gart Sports in Dillon for about $100 more. I guess my only other choice would be the B3 if I could find a deal on them.

Should I pick up the PR's now or wait for my April trip to Colorado and pick up the Chubbs?

All the shops out West i've been to , i've yet to see a good deal on the B3's.
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I'd rather have the PRs.
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PR's. Lighter, more versatile.

Though in fairness, my experience is on older chubbs.
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I have both the PR and B3 in 185cm lengths and for me the B3 is by far the superior ski.Will probably sell PRs at end of season or begining of next.Have never tried chubbs so no comment there.
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Why do you like the B3's, most everyone loves there PR's?
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I have the old Chubbs with dimensions of 110-90-100. They are from 7 or 8 seasons ago. They are pretty versatile but really excell in deep snow and less than ideal off-piste conditions. I seem to remember Peter Kelty saying this was the best powder ski ever made. That being said, two years ago he said the Pocket Rockets have suplanted the Chubbs in this catagory. I have no idea what this seasons Chubbs are like or what Kelty said about them.
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This year Kelty gave the powder ski title to the new Volant V2 Chubb with the reasoning being the PRs had held the position for two years. He really likes both skis and still uses the PR as his personal powder ski.

For most people I would recommend the PR because it is a livelier ski. Lars really likes his B2s which means he likes damp skis so he might like the Chubbs better. I don't think he could lose with either ski.
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Lars, Sounds like a Win Win situation either way. Do you like a damp ski or livly ski? I'll still vote for the PR.
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Man, I really don't know which way to go, really. If I could get a B3 for a reasonable price, i'd probably go that way but I haven't seen any deals on them.
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Lars check out Telemark Pyrenees They have the B3 on sale even with shipping and exchange rate they could be a good deal
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Max,I really like the dampness of Rossi skiis.For me the B3 is much better in crud and variable snow conditions,never gets pushed around and is better at big GS turns in pow but still handles tight turns great.Im not saying I hate my PRs.I just prefer the B3 by alot.If I remount the PRS 2cm back like they should of been in the first place I have a feeling they would ski better,right now mounted on the salomon rec line they are a bit to turny and not real stable at speed.They ski like a slalom powder ski if there was such a thing.On top of that I have a tendency to prerelease from soli binders,but only on softer flexing skiis.Have this prob on both my 1080s and the PRs.Last thing I need on a pow day is to waste time looking for a buried ski,Rossi axial binders only from here on out,unless I go for BC binders.
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I wanted to get a PR - but looks like they don't make 155s. I can get the VOlant Chubb 155s for $488. i was wondering:

1) how does the volant chubb perform on hard or groomed or moguls?

2) I presume the one being discussed above is the Volant Genesis Chubb(128/94/116) not the spatula (120/125/115).
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The old chubb is not something you really want to ski in bumps or on groomed. It's a great powder ski, that's all. The newer one is being billed as a bit more piste friendly, I can't vouch.

The spatula is basically a water ski, and not being discussed.

How short are you that the 165 wouldn't work? I'd put someone 5'5" to 5'10" on that size.
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WELLLLLLLllllllllllllll....I have a pair of 200cm CHUBBS and 177cm (or 178...can't remember)Ti CHUBBs.

They are somewhere around 115-90-115 with the 200cm being straighter than the Ti's.

Back when I got them *About 9 years ago* they were the widest boards around next to the Atomic powder skis.

The Ti's carve nice GS turns on the groomed, and just to prove a point, I used the original fatties on a NASTAR course and garnered a silver!

Yes, you put forth more effort on the groomed linking short swing turns *laugh track applied here* Moguls are not recommended unless they are spring slush...then....FUN!!!!!!!!I do not know any other ski that handles the wet stuff better!

This is not the ski you use if you sit behind a desk all week and ski one or two weekends a year.
The biggest complaint I get from others is the weight. You have to be in shape and be ready to whoop and hollar while adjusting your snorkle in the pow.

They are skis you use in places like Jackson Hole and Snowbird...use them all week long...that way you never want to find the groomers.

I think they have now attained "Cult Status" *L*

I wouldn't trade them for anything!
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wow, volants lasting more than 3 years - mine (SUPERKARVE) delaminated after a few weeks' skiing!

great skis but have they now fixed the delam problem? i ski now volkl.
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I remember a guide at Big Ski told me he had some delaminate but they replaced them. This was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back 8 years ago.

Supercarves are about that old, maybe it was a problem back then, and maybe it relates to the amount of usage they get. My CHUBBS are used only for those "special" days *QUIVER SKI* so they will last as long as I do...and...the way I am going..that is quite iffy....*LOL*
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