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boot flex vs ankle flex ?

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Just finding over the years that if you have a skier with no ankle flexion, putting them in a stiffer boot works better. Logic is that if they can't flex the ankle with out a boot on (as in the knee doesn't move forward much past the big toe) they will not be flexing a boot much either, so a softer boot (that flexs more) will not ski well for them. If they only flex a bit get them in a boot that only flexs a bit too.

Same logic as a 120 pound person with a stiff mountain bike fork. They won't be able to compress the fork to its range of motion and so it won't work to its full potenial.
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Say *what*? I think you're at odds with yourself. If you're saying a person that doesn't flex the ankles is like a lightweight cyclist in that not being able to flex the boot is like not being able to compress a fork...and that the lightwight cyclist needs a softer shock he or she can compress then the analogous skier need softer boots they can flex...by *your* logic. You seem to contradict yourself.
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mntlion, I hadn't looked at it that way, but you may be right. Another way to look at it, though, is the angle of attack (a combination of the boot ramp angle and the cuff forward lean). If it's relatively upright, that will be better for someone with limited dorsiflexion, regardless of the stiffness.
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SSH. ya just another tool in the tool chest.

all of the above points will work to help them.

raise heel. lower toes, strech, straighten up boot upper cuff, and a stiffer boot
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My Pod says I have good ankle flexion... for a table leg. some of us have very tight achilles, or bugger-all dorsiflexion, and we need a stiff boot, as we can't "work" a boot fully, our range of "work" is through a very narrow angle. that said, I can bend my Atomic B9s something chronic, they squeak and carry on. I hope they aren't meant to be a stiff boot, because they bloody-well arne't. When I get home, I'm getting a bolt put in them. Useless.
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