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Originally Posted by DrFRAU
...And "A" new wrinkle?????
Oh well - just checked in the mirror. It's now a matching set running from my nose down to the outside of my mouth on both sides "smile lines".

Guess I can blame it on this crew...
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I resemble those remarks. (marks)

Boy, if child protection services got a hold of me I'ld be seeing my daughter in foster care. We got soooo burned. Mary would cry every time she smiled. Skin like an alligator

All OK now, and a bit proud if not stupid for the tan. I was acused of spending time at the beach just last Sunday.

gosh! it was a good day! Fond memories burned into the fair skin of my mind!

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After reading this all -- this blond haired/blue eyed girl is coming WELL equiped! I have two different kinds of sunscreen with Parsol and a third with zinc.

I plan to just dunk my whole head into the bottle and then go ski! I don't need ANY new wrinkles!!!
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I'm packing the Neutrogena 45 - hope that works. Even at my age I still get big time zits from sunscreen.:
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