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Best deals on rooftop cargo boxes?

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REI is currently having a sale on Thule rooftop cargo boxes:


I know Rack Attack and others have sales occasionally as well. I'd rather not fork out the cash for this right now, but I'm wondering where and when the best deals are likely to be.

Any thoughts?

(FWIW, if I can swing it, I hope to buy one box and racks for two cars, so I can move the box from one car to the other.)
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REI is having a terrific sale on these boxes. I bought a box back in January and researched extensively online. Ended up buying a Thule Evolution 1200 locally for $335 including tax. Buying this item online was not economical because it cost $60-75 to ship. The nice things about REI is if they have a store near where you live you can pick it up at the store FREE. You would just pay sales tax. I just plugged in the numbers and the Evolution 1200 would cost me $312.69 which is great.

If you are deciding between the Evolution or Cascade go with the Evolution. It is a breeze to install using the clamps and it can be opened from either side. This box fits both our Windstar and Jeep factory racks so it was a no-brainer for us.

Rack Attack will probably be more expensive. Do a Froogle.com search to find the best prices. I think the REI deal will be tough to beat online but I would check with local ski/bicycle shops and check out the prices. I think Thule.com has a dealer listing as well.

Hope this helps.

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thanks, Marc. I was looking at both the Evolution 1200 and the Cascade 1700. There's not a large price difference, but the Cascade has 5 cf. more room and opens on both sides.

I haven't actually seen either of these in person, so I'd love to get more feedback on the pros and cons of each model.

the box would go onto a VW Passat sedan and a Honda Odyssey minivan, fwiw.

(I see now that there's a Evo 1600 and 1800 as well.)
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I have not seen the Cascade in action so I can only speak for the Evolution. I also have a Thule Escape cargo bag so I use that to carry bulky items such as suitcases. We went with the Evolution 1200 because we just use it in the winter to carry skis, poles, boots, helmets, etc. It has been an AWESOME purchase! I cannot even tell its on the roof and we drive from NJ to VT 70-75 mph with no wind noise. Held up well this winter even with -19 degree temps in VT the end of January. Just bring lock de-icer with you!

Anyway my understanding was the Cascade does NOT open both ways. Attaching the Evolution to your roof rack is a snap and I have heard the Cascade takes a bit longer to attach. The clips with the Evolution makes it SIMPLE to attach...takes me under five minutes to attach to the roof rack. Toughest thing to do is to balance the darn thing and place it on the roof (I normally mount it myself)!

The Evolution also looks "cleaner" and is a bit more aerodynamic. It you call customer service for Thule (check out their website) they answered all my questions and were very helpful. The overriding factor that I used was the ease of installation and that's why we went with the Evolution.

You might also want to check out eBay for deals on both.

Good luck,

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Check out Rack Attack. Although they charge to ship boxes, they (last I looked) had a rebate which would help defer the shipping cost.
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How do the Thules compare to Yakimas, in your estimation? This is likely to be my primary equipment purchase of the summer...!
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Originally Posted by gores95
Anyway my understanding was the Cascade does NOT open both ways.
Looks like dual-side opening is an upgrade to the Cascade, according to the Thule site.
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update: I just ordered the Evolution 1200 from REI for $294 plus tax, free shipping with local store pickup. I'll see how it works. sale ends Thurs.
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You will not be disappointed and more importantly you got a GREAT deal. A bonus of my Evolution 1200 is that because of its narrow profile I can drive into my garage with it attached to the roof of our Jeep Grand Cherokee! Nice to be able to remove/install it INSIDE the garage!

Let us know what you think of it!
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