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TR: The Sherwins 04/09/2005

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Headed down to the Eastern Sierra this weekend to visit some friends and do some "spring" skiing. We had planned a corn outing, but it was snowing Friday night and according to my friend things have been wintery down there without much chance for the spring snow to set up. Woke up Saturday AM to find that Mammoth was reporting 4" overnight and about 10-12" in the last 48 hours. We decided to do the Sherwins.

Saw a few natural avalanches, picked our aspect based on these. Things felt solid however and had a great run down "The Hose" and some of the other small chutes around it. Nice snow, deep enough that you didn't hit the melt/freeze crust under the new snow too often.

Overall the Eastern Sierra is looking great, tons of snow there. As I mentioned above, things are still pretty wintery, spring hasn't really set in yet. But as soon as it does I'll be back down there to ski some of those big cols!
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Need pics!
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I know, I left the camera in the car
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