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Looking for new skis

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I have been reading posts on this site for a few weeks and have found the information here to be of great value. But the more I read the more questions I have regarding my decision for new skis. There are so many skis out there that it becomes confusing as to what would be the proper ski for me. I’m have just returned this season and started skiing again after 10 year leave from the sport and remembered how much fun it is so I decided to get back into it and I’m looking for new skis. I’m 49, 5’11, 185lbs and in good shape. I mainly stick to groomed runs and can do any run (without moguls), my technique is not that great but I manage to get down the hill and I want to learn how to ski more aggressively. I don’t do moguls, I would like to but I’m not good enough to do that yet. I would put myself as a 7 to 8 on the scale and I’m planning to take some advanced lessons next season so I can improve my skills. I ski mainly in the Tahoe area. I need a ski that is geared for an intermediate/advanced that will mainly be used on groomed runs. Some day I would like to venture out of the groomers but for now I just want to improve my technique on groomers. Any information you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.
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You may want to look at something in the Atomic Metron line. At your ability level, I'd recommend the M9 (171) or the M10 (164 or 171). Demo if you have the chance, obviously. These skis may not turn out to be to your liking. Look at skis that are considered midfats (70 - 75 mm waist), especially if you plan to do the majority of your skiing in the Tahoe region. With the Metron skis, they have the massive sidecut seen on today's carving skis (good for groomers and moguls when you get to that level), but also have enough surfact area to be stable in heavier snow and powder. They're a very versatile ski.

The M9 would be a good choice to begin with. They've got a more soft flex and are thus more forgiving than the more aggressive M10. Whether you end up with something else, make sure you get a chance to demo you eventual ski before you make the purchase, and demo different lengths as well.
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You should be more specific on the type of skiing you like to do;
-fast, slow, moderate
-gs turns or lots of turns, ect

Any way here are a few suggestions,
-Dynastar 8000, also 4800 (great deal on the 4800 at rei/see many reviews here)
-K2 Apache Recon
-Head 70's, 75 or 77's, and their 1100/1200 line (can rent at shop in Truckee)
-Fisher Rx8
-many posts on Atomics here as well
There are so many good skis hard to narrow so you might try to find a demo day, you might call Granite Chief at Squaw to see if they will have one or see if you can rent and exchange for the day. Northstar also rents on the mountian and you can exchange skis.
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[gobig]You should be more specific on the type of skiing you like to do;
-fast, slow, moderate
-gs turns or lots of turns, ect

Thanks guys for your input. I guess as far as speed i would say moderate and i enjoy lots of turns. Speed is not my primary goal, more control and short turns is the best i can describe what i enjoy doing. Thanks again for your advice it's greatly appreciated.
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H2ODog, welcome to EpicSki!

I second the Metron, especially given the widely varying conditions you'll get in Tahoe. The M:9 or M:10 would both be good choices.
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In addition to the other skis I mentioned is the Volkl Allstar, great reviews here.

There is a shop called Java sports on the way to Sugar Bowl. I think he might rent you a couple of pairs for the day to compare. May also have some demos for sale.
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