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Odd incident with Marker Titanium 12s

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I have a pair of Marker Titanium 12s mounted on a pair of K2 Public Enemies - shortly after purchase I landed a jump (nothing in any way spectacular, just a little bit of air) and crashed.

Picked myself up, and couldn't get back into one binding.
Upon examining it, the metal plate that the heelpiece was mounted on had twisted out of the plastic carrier that's actually bolted to the ski, on one side - with the result that the whole heelpiece was canted over.

I couldn't twist it back in on the mountain . . . . . and after falling again while trying to ski back down on one ski, it must have popped back into place - walked into the shop with the guilty ski and everything was back to normal.

I don't know whether the heelpiece twisted on landing (which would be a big deal), or in the ensuing crash . . . . . so I'm anxious to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar, or has any explanation.

They're the piston version, btw - the shop did mutter something about free pieces, but mounted the piston system. Which brings me on to a related question . . . . how does the free piece system (separate heel and toe pieces, no piston) mount, and is it possible to switch between the two if it'll prevent a re-occurrence of the same problem?
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As far as I know, the non-piston version mounts the same exact way, there is just no piston connected to the toe piece.

I mounted my Piston-Titanium 1200 bindings myself, and think it would be very hard for the metal insert to come loose. For one thing, it's screwed directly to the ski (under the brake pads) which limits it's range of motion. If it did pull out in the back, you would probably see signs of stress/bending around those front screws (the anodized finish would probably have cracks). And there is not a whole lot of slop in the plastic rear section. The heads of the rear screws actually overlap the metal plate in space -- they would have to yield and then the plastic give for the metal insert to come out forcibly.

But..... the plastic rear section is actually in two pieces (top and bottom) and the metal insert is sort of sandwiched in between. If a rear screw came loose, then the two pieces could separate and that could allow the metal insert to move. So I am thinking maybe one of your rear screws pulled out of the ski. Take a pozi-drive screwdriver (or a suitable phillips) and give the screws a *gentle* clockwise torque. You should not be able to turn them easily. If they are loose then maybe the screw holes got stripped out. Can be fixed with a helicoil in most cases.

I actually saw my pistons leaking green oil last year!

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