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The soul of skiing

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It's in Los Angeles! Enough of us keep skiing/boarding in April and May that ALL the ski areas here stay open as long as they can. After that, well, who do you think keeps Mammoth busy until June, July and sometimes August?
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there is no ghost in the machine that is skiing these days.......
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I am the soul
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An approximation of how I feel when I ski...

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Although I find you Tinsel Town people an obnoxious bunch, I was wondering what Baldy skiing was like. I drove up there once, but it was closed. How are the views on a smogless day? I've skied Arrowhead and Big Bear, but they were quite laughable.
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swifty ..... yer' a true lightweight!

You even "have sport" with the nicest among us.

I do know one thing about you. You are not, nor have you ever been in the military. You would have been out on your ass or, you would have been the guest at a special party.

You have no honor, humility or character. No one has ever taught you that your mere survival depends on the "kindness of others".
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