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A-basin's trying to call it until June 1. Pack up, move west and pound beers on the beach at 11,000 ft

This is the time of year when the really badassed skiers start showing up.
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A bunch of us are going to be at Loveland (1:15 west of Denver) on April 23/24. If any of you eastern folks want to have some (almost) end of the season FUN---Get you butts on a plane and join us !

Stratify's last line in the post above pretty much says it all.

For those of you who have not experienced the antics at the edge of the parking lot at A-Basin.........that in itself is worth the plane ticket.
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TruckeeLocal, sorry about Cbone, but enjoy the meds!

My last day was 3/13, and first day for 05/06 will be 12/29 $_)*^%$##@$%^%$@!@

Seriously thinking about moving to Truckee, just need to win the lotto.

All the best to all fine Bears!
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One more time at Snowbasin for the Conclave tomorrow then it's time to Flyfish
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
For those of you who have not experienced the antics at the edge of the parking lot at A-Basin.........that in itself is worth the plane ticket.
I remember great music wafting up from the mid-mountain bar/grill at A one Memorial Day weekend. We ripped down the bowl, diggin' on the Parrothead music, and slipped down to the restaurant. That's when we had the shock of our lives! The Parrothead music was being played by Jimmy and his band!

Rumor had it they were in Denver for a concert and got invited up for the day. I don't know how it happened, but it was one of the more mind-blowing experiences of my skiing life. I don't know how long I sat on the "beach" and listened in the sun that afternoon.... :
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Originally Posted by checkracer
Therefore I´m not sad any more. I still have some excellent skiing waiting for me. It´s to outbalance to some extent the limited ski life under communists.
Ivan, thanks. This really helps those of us who have lived our entire lives in the free world to remember the blessings that we take for granted. Banned mountains? Artificial limitations? May you get many extra ski days for the challenges you faced in an earlier time! I am grateful for you and with you.

Now, get out there and rip 'em up!
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I just got back from Jiminy Peak. Skiing was fantastic. We had a great morning. Nice and firm, then softening. All my buddies were there and it was great!

That's it for my home mountain. Next stop Killington.
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skieed belleayre today...second to last day of skiing for Belleayre...Maybe Tucks soon...? Other than that I'm done. (pics HERE
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Originally Posted by east_skiier04
Last day of year has come to its end for me. Took a trip up to holiday valley for the close. It was nice, great weather, but I feel so sad and empty inside. I almost want to cry when I think I wont be able to ski again for another 8 months before I can ski again

Its a sad sad day for me
Chear up it's almost may and another 6 more month if lucky we'll be good to go again. You're not the only one. I'm already waxing and preparing for the coming winter. My family say I'm crazy but yea I am
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Now its either another Jay day (weekends only) or my first assault on Tuckermans.
hey P.S. i was at stowe this past thursday...the place is in nice shape - the bumps on national and lift line were big and soft and tightly spaced - nice cover and no ice to speak of...the woods were nice too...and they plan to be open daily till may 1...they drop their lift prices every day too, to $5 and free (with donation recommended for a medically-related fund) the last two days, respectively. sugarbush is open daily till sunday 24th as well, though i can't speak for the conditions there...
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just returned from last day at Stevens, still have 2 days(at least) at Baker, 4 days at Whistler, 2 days at Hood. Life's turning up to be good in PNW.
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