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Thats it, its over

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Last day of year has come to its end for me. Took a trip up to holiday valley for the close. It was nice, great weather, but I feel so sad and empty inside. I almost want to cry when I think I wont be able to ski again for another 8 months before I can ski again

Its a sad sad day for me
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Welcome to my world.
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"Nothing is over until we decide it is ! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ? No ! And it ain't over now ! Allright Who's with me ?"

I still got 2 trips on the calendar and it snowed bigtime in CO and Tahoe last week !

(Please excuse the Animal House reference, but I had to go there.)
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Spring is obviously here, but as I look off the deck beyond the green trees, I see snow covered mountains just waiting. Who am I to keep a mountain waiting:? I think I'll continue to ski for a while.

Photo 2:00 PM 4/10/05
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Today was probably my last day too. Nice sunny bluebird day, decent cover but by noon you were pushing around alot of mashed potatoes. The Bush is open for 2 more weeks but I don't feel the need to ski until the last lift spins anymore.
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This was may last day also. 68 Days this season. Brought all the stuff home from the house up north. Will most of the stuff, 11 pairs of skis and 4 pairs of boots. That's for two of us.

But all in all the season truned out to be pretty good in VT. It got off to a slow start but since MLK weekend the weather has been just about perfect every weekend.

Looking forward to the yard work now, ya right.

To those that have a few more ski day's "enjoy them". It may be around 6 months until it's "ski time" again.

Gee it's almost time to start thinking about next years skis.
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I cleaned out my locker at Stowe today. It is supposed to be bulldozed this week! I plan to ski as long as the lift is turning though.
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"April is the cruelest month...", at least to skiers in the northeast. I find that turning down the DIN's and putting the skis back in the closet becomes a sadder and more reflective event as I grow older.....Will I still be able to fly down the mountain like a banshee with my ass on fire next season? and other thoughts like that....
And then there's the long death-watch of seeing the trails on my home mountain diminish and disappear as the sun burns warmer each day.
And then I just think to year will be even better....and I'll go even faster.
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Cleaned out the skihouse, loaded up the cars and headed home this afternoon. Really sad.

Of course we did get some excellent mashed potatoes yesterday and this morning. Almost nobody there. Empty. Excellent. Froze last night so they groomed. And by 11am this morning, it was 64 degrees.

Has anyone else noticed how many pairs of unmatched ski mittens adn gloves can accumulate over a season? And ski socks? And how many neck gaiters etc. can one family wear?

Passed by Cannon Mountain on the way home from BW ... saw some people skiing skunk stripes between large patches of grass and rocks. Some really hard core skiers there ....
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If England had any skiing I'd go looking for the last squre foot of snow but I can't justify another trip to the Alps.
Boo hoo
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just cause it was 75 yesterday, and i now have a small sunburn skiing shall live on!!!
Now who has a boat?
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6 weeks to go here
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Having a hard time letting go! Skied the last 3 days and it was great. There is not much left to pick from. Jay sounds like it's still strong but they lie. A trip to Stowe might find the front four closed. Killington - soon to be the only game in town.

I still want to ski!
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On our way to Calgary - Sunshine & Marmot Basin! Just when we thought it was over.....
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Originally Posted by paul jones
Having a hard time letting go! Skied the last 3 days and it was great. There is not much left to pick from. Jay sounds like it's still strong but they lie. A trip to Stowe might find the front four closed. Killington - soon to be the only game in town.

I still want to ski!
Fornt Four is still in great shape. Come get it while you can!
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Cleaned out my locker yesterday too. Found out the real reason Windham closed last weekend. The rain and runoff was flodding the basement locker rooms BIGTIME!! At least a dozen high powered fans trying to dry the carpeting a week later. That base lodge is the best designed anywhere. I think they got absolutely the finest architects you could get in exchange for two lower mountain night passes.
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After an epic day at Jay I am done save one place, Tuckermans! At the top of Jay on a bluebird day we looked out across the mountains to NH. Mount Washington Loomed large the upper half being as white as if it was mid-winter.

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I just want to publicly thank the snow gods and the nice people of Utah (especially at The Canyons) for another GREAT year on the slopes!!! I can't wait to do some hiking and mountain biking this spring and summer.
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Skied yesterday at Sunday River. The amount of open terrain is shrinking, but what was still covered was pretty good. They will be open until April24th. Then they close until May 1st. This is a free ski day. Bring your rock skiis and have some fun saying good bye to winter.
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Reading this is depressing.
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come to CA....we'll be skiing until July!!!
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Skiing is finished in Tahoe (for me)

Broke my collar bone yesterday On a groomer : The snow was very, very nice, but not soft enough for a full layout frontal fall :
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Sorry to hear. Ouch..

I was up Friday and Saturday, Fantastic days. My only regret was I didn't ski much by myself. It was great teaching but the urge to go get some of that powder was pretty strong.

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Good drugs these days

Maybe it's because I've used the ER before, or maybe it's because I'm a local but the prescription (and the generous refills) is very effective Came with a questionaire to check for addiction : Life is good : Right now anyway
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Hell, we just started, our home mountain here in the great PNW just opened on 04/02 and just extended their closing date until the 17th.

66" on top 3 more last night and snow expected all week! Ya Hoo!
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Welcome to my world.
Liar. Tell the truth. You're playing golf and working on cars and not even thinking about skiing any more.

(So, I won't tell you that I ripped up 12" of Colorado's finest all over Copper yesterday--and even got to say "Hi" to Tom Burch on Hallelujah.)
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I cleaned out my locker yesterday, too. But, A will be open until June, so I'll still be skiing... Hopefully, I'll get up to make some turns with Uncle Louie on Wednesday...
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Saturday at Jay was nothing short of great and Sunday at MRG was even better. Did paradise three times but best run was Fall Line to Glade. Really good time.

Now its either another Jay day (weekends only) or my first assault on Tuckermans.
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As I was driving back from the mountains to Prague yesterday I remembered the enormously sad feeling I always had as a teenager when I took a last look at a still white mountain range on my way home from the last April ski trip.
It meant the cruel season end because the glaciers in the Alps were almost unaccessible behind the Iron Curtain and we were sentenced to waiting till new snow in December (rarely late November) made the new ski season possible.

Later, as a student, I learned to use some officially banned snowfields so that skiing (without lifts, of course, with lots of inconvenience transporting skis and slalom poles on our shoulders) could be prolonged till June.

The maximum I could have in the former Czechoslovakia was a year-round snowfield in the Slovak High Tatras, extremely unaccessible but very romantic to ski on in mid-summer.

It´s a dream now. I know from experience that we might encounter the seasons best training conditions on the glacier in May. May and often even June are perfect months to ski.

Therefore I´m not sad any more. I still have some excellent skiing waiting for me. It´s to outbalance to some extent the limited ski life under communists.
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