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Looking for an update on Crystal?

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If anyone was 8up there this weeked, would love to know the conditions. This next storm rolling in has got low temps and an inch or two of water coming...
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I skied Crystal on April 9. It was right around 32F at the top and the snow was fine all around Green Valley. I also made a few runs on Forest Queen and the snow was good on the groomers. It's not really skiable at the bottom. It warmed up around 10:30AM mid-mountain and the snow took on a typical spring slush consistency. If the storms that are coming on Monday and Tuesday drop a few inches and the temps stay relatively cool, then next weekend should be good.
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Here is a good site I use to get recent reports on conditions....


The site is actually for all NW resort reports, but the Crystal section is the one updated most often (3x per week or so).
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Crystal received 3" of new snow on Sunday night.
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Was there april 9. There was a good balance of wind, air temp, and solar heating on most of the mountain but in some places (like Iceberg Gulch) the balance was a little on warm side making things a bit sloshy. Likewise there were a few places (like Powder Bowl) where the balance was on the too cold side leading to frozen chunky that was less than fun. Lower mountain is a wreck, don't go below Queen or Rex until you're done for the day (and now that they have the nice lodge top of Queen open, you won't have to!) But Green Valley, Queen runs were very nice and should be fine shape for their "extra" weekend coming up. It certainly sounded like Crystal was doing better than Stevens and Alpental, which apparently weren't getting that balance right anywhere.

New snow that falls this time of year is usually destined to convert into something else within minutes of hitting the ground. At best turns into quasicorn and at worst turns into instaglop, so it's not really a slam dunk that inches on telemetry or snow report will translate to a conventional powder day up there, at least not past the first few runs.
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I'm most likely headed up there tomorrow. I'll post a report when I return.

First time I've even seen another "toadman" on a forum - WOW! I hope my username is different enough to not be annoying.

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I have from a very good source that this morning was awesome. 3-5" of new (and, for here) relatively dry powder, spotty sun. Very sweet. By 1:30 it was getting packed, squeaky ("kram snow," in Swedish), and slushy. Snow was getting to it all.
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Crystal got 3-5" of new overnight and setup perfectly for a fantastic Tuesday. When we arrived the temps at the base were hovering just under freezing and the snow was coming down hard. The upper parking lot wasn't even close to full. The snow and wind persisted until around noon when the sun started poking out between fast-moving clouds. The new snow was nice and light but thin in some places with hard, skied out junk underneath. As usual, the snow off chair 6 was the best on the mountain, with some select spots off the Green Valley chair coming in second. The find of the day was in Powder Bowl down the ridge to the skiers right above Bear Pits. At 1 pm the chutes had still not been skied and the snow was the deepest on the hill. We skied three runs before time ran out and we got fresh tracks each time. Amazing day and an incredible end(?) to one wacky year. I'm so glad I got the powder fever.
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