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Review: Nordica Beast---AKA Red Noodles

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Snow Conditions Used In: groomers, ice, 3-8 inches pwder, wind pack,crud, bumps, chunder on coral reef (that's what Big Sky called it)
Number of Days Used: 10 runs
Size tested: 177cm with Salomon 912 Ti bindings
Your Ability: 8-9 depending on day, attitude, pain pills, etc.
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 39
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:currently 40
Other Skis You Like in this category: Pocket Rockets, Dynastar Intuitiv Big
Your Height/Weight:5' 11", 180lbs

Someone is dumping these at $199 + $30 shipping on eBay. I'm not sure which year this one is but all the Beast's with a 92mm waist are suppose to be the same with only cosmetic differences.

These are an interesting ski. Their flex is similar to the that of the Pocket Rockets without the Pocket Rockets soft tip meaning they don't wash out as much if you force the tip. It reminded me of the B3 with a little more zip and edge feel.

My first run on them was on Elk Park Ridge which was soft pack with nasty ice patches at the top and spring corn at the bottom. The run was empty so I skied it much faster than the speeds we were skiing it for the warm-up runs at the ESA. The tip didn't flutter around like it does on my PRs at those speeds but it was noisy. The ski had a decent bite on the ice for a 92mm wide ski and probably could have been even better if I had tuned them. It really shined in the spring corn especially when I tried to overload the tips....something I can't do on my PRs. Overall I was impressed.

Next I skied Congo which was deep ice moguls with 3 inches of powder on top. Even though this is one of the most popular runs at Big Sky nobody was venturing in because of the ice. The Beasts did okay. They are really light making them easy to pivot in the moguls. Their edges don't grip that quick but they gripped enough to get through the moguls. They were soft enough to not throw me when I plowed the tips into the side of a mogul.

Next up was the steeps on the south side of the Lone Mountain Bowl around the clowns face. Conditions there were 3-6 inches of powder & crud with a moderately icy, but smooth surface underneath. The Beasts were not as snappy as my PRs were here but quicker than most wide skis I've tried. Not too bad.

Last run was from the top of the Tram through Liberty Bowl, Hard Left and then on down to Sheridan chair....about 3,000 vertical feet. Conditions were described as chunder on coral reef. I'm not sure what chunder is but the coral reef description fit the malformed ice chunks lying under 5-8 inches of windswept powder. Besides the hidden coral reefs you had to deal with hidden ice moguls. The ice was the real thing, not the easy to edge stuff we encountered during the ESA. The Beasts did as well as can be expected. They were very forgiving which was great in the hidden moguls....the group on Intuitiv Bigs were pretty beat up in this section. They held adequately on the ice and didn't get knocked around too badly by the buried ice chunks. In the few areas where the underlying surface was smooth the Beasts did well switching between cutting turns in the powder and carving turns on the ice beneath.

Overall I'm impressed with this ski. Unlike other Nordica's I've ski it is not burly & heavy. It is light, fairly agile (very agile for their width) and forgiving making it good for junky, softer off-piste condition.
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A couple of people are interested in this review, so thanks for the sweet review Rio and....... BUMP

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