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Rehab question

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Ok, I live in PNW (Kirkland, outside of Seattle)... I'm a member of a good gym (Proclub) that has a bunch of options for rehab. I've just finished one year of toxic medicinal chemicals, have been skiing every weekend, and am noticing the need to get some muscles back into shape. (Also has a repaired achilles from 3-4 years ago).

  1. Anyone know anything about good programs to work together cardio and muscle building? The Proclub has all kinds of stuff, Pilates, etc... but I haven't a clue what would be good.
  2. Anyone know someone good as a trainer (if they were at hte Procclub that would be great).
and yes all this is aimed at getting things back to tip-top form for skiing and hikey/bikey.
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Whatever you do make sure you like it.
Personally, I like Karate, but depending on the style, that might lead to more injuries. The important thing is that you enjoy doing it, otherwise you won't do it enough.
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I have been doing pilates reformer sessions 2-3 x per week for the past year or so and love it. I am a much stronger biker and skier and feel much better overall. I think it is great. Give it a try.
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Oh, THAT kind of rehab.
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Originally Posted by evansilver
Oh, THAT kind of rehab.
No, not addictive drubs, chemo type stuff...
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It was a joke.
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