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not today. yesterday SSV had full-blown (windy, sunny, didn't get above zero) winter conditions with 5cm of new and even more blower off continental:

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Originally Posted by jimmyzee53
Was anyone skiing today in banff,, sunshine or the lake?? ,, had to work today, but headin up tomorrow,, is there any winter snow left?? should i get up early?? or wait till the sun warms things up a littl?/? any and all info is gr8tly appreciated thx alot...
Skied the Lake today. Yet another nice treat. About 10cms of winter snow. Just enough that you could barely feel the crunch underneath. Managed to hit some good light on a bunch of runs but eventually it just got very grey. Sun came out and the new snow got goopy around 1:00. Once the sun went back in it cooled again.

Looks like it's dumping again now and the weather is calling for it.

Leeroy, me, mikebike are meeting at the picnic tables in front of the old ski lodge at 9:45 Sunday morn.

Finally the 05 gathering may actually occur.
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Sunshine Today

There is still a lot of good snow up on Lookout and Standish.

Visibility sucked during the morning up high as we were still getting light snow as well as wind driven clouds that prompted the trail team to put up additional run markers about every 10 meters. When the clouds lifted there was plenty of fresh stuff and it was surprisingly untracked (I guess everyone else was keeping low as well). The groomers appear to have been working overtime and some of the runs that normally have serious bumps were smooth and easy (particularly with 6 cm. of fresh snow). This included Big Bunkers and Showboat which occupied me for most of the morning until the clouds lifted.

I didn't make it up to Paris Basin to check, but late Saturday there was still an awful lot of powder stashed on the lee-side slopes there. Upper Ecstasy is a little wind-scoured, but lower Ecstasy, Angel Flight and South 205 were pretty sweet.

I made the mistake of going down the mountain later in the day and found Wawa, Jackrabbit and Wolverine runs all pretty mushy. By the time I pushed through six runs of soft snow I had nothing left for Goat's Eye so no report on those runs.

Get there early and stay high would be my advice. If you want to post an update I'm going to try and get back on Monday.
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Got up there today and there was at least 20cms new blower. Angel was down first thing so went up Standish and over to Divide which was under used due to the poor access. 2 laps on divide in fresh and the sun was out. Back up and going to do one more and down to meet Leeroy and Mikebike but delirium was just opening. Sorry guys just not right to ski away from that.

A girl was standing there alone so I asked if she needed a partner and giddy up! Coming off the gondola after the first lap and two friends called to both of us. Turns out these two new each of us (me and the new partner) and just assumed we knew each other. Skied three more laps with them including 2 across galaxy ridge. It was all knee deep fluff.

4 laps and was going to call it and try to find Leeroy. Ran into Thomas Grandi at the lift and got to ride up and congratulate him on the victories. They were heading back to delirium. Call me crazy but I felt it prudent to ski one in the dive with a guy who won back to back WC GSs. It did not suck again.

Came out Fatboy each time and got pretty much fresh tracks on each run. Last run they were a little chopped but so deep it didn't matter.
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WOW L7 had a good day at SSV.

sounds like fun, see you for sushi soon
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Originally Posted by mntlion
WOW L7 had a good day at SSV.

sounds like fun, see you for sushi soon
He's just dropping names and I'm jealous.
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