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Rain in Banff??

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Should I be concerned about the rain in the forcast in Banff??

I admitt up front I am excited and a bit of a nerous nelly when I get excited about an upcoming week of skiing. So please bear with me......

just wondering is it typical at sunshine village to get rain in April. ??

What effect does it have on overall conditions?

thanks .... for your patience :

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The rain in spain is mostly on the plain.
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knew I could count on you for a reply ...L7 thanks man....i feel better now....think I owe you a beer
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I start skiing this Friday. How are conditions holding up. Sunshin'e base seems to be shrinking quickly.
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Maui Steve.... looks like we will be there the same time.... I ski primarily groomers too.... so if you are looking for someone to catch a few runs with let me know ..... will be skiing SSV on sun 4/17 mon 4/18 Tues 4/19 then also
Thurs 4/21 and fri 4/22

I have skiied there the about 25 days the last 5 years

let me know .....
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Sounds good. I'll be there w/ a friend of mine from Houston. We're planning on splitting time b/t Sunshine and Lake Louise depending on which is best on a particular day. I've never skiied Banff late spring, but have gone on late spring Whistler trips the last 5 years. My e-mail is If you'll e-mail me w/ contact info, I'll do the same and we can hook up for a few runs. Aloha Steve
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Sunshine yesterday, Louise today. Surprisingly I found Louise to be a little nicer snow on the aggresive terrain. I went to Sunshine thinking it would be a little better after the warmth and bit of rain of Thurs. Delerium dive was crunchier than Whitehorn 2 chutes at the Lake. Got goopy at the bottom so solidly freeze thaw season at the moment. Sunshine will probably be a little softer on groomers (divide) but Goats eye was pretty solid mid morning Sat. Didn't go back later when it would have warmed/softened.

At any rate great weather and had fabulous days both days.

Hope you deciphered the message there mikebike. Yes typically smart assed but still it had a point to it.
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I understood the hidden messege .... L7 ...... and no worries on the sarcasm ... it is my signature style of writing on boards......I just tone it down here since I am a newbie here..

I will enjoy my time in Banff.... I love the scenery and the people are friendly and I always seem to find some great food and a cold beer or 2

I like the blues and easier blacks and groomers are good but easy moguls I enjoy too. Have had fun in the pats playing in the rock garden

one last thing:

I know you covered it before.... but where in banff township would be a good place to rent for my son. He is an intermediate skiier age 14 but tall at 190.5 cm Tall (6'3").


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Holy Crap 6'3 at 14!!?? I almost choke to say it but I guess Ultimate is your best bet. They will be best tuned out of the lot and it's slow enough in town you won't get bogged down in an epic to rent. Not that they do it that well but everyone else really does it that bad.

Let me know when you get here I can show you around some runs and maybe catch a beer or some such.
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Mike: rent the night before so less issues in the AM. I think they have boots up to 15 too

L7: The corners aren't rounding are they????
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mtlion.... good thought ... we usually pick them up sat afternoon then return them on Friday evening....

L7 person...: yikes... I got the contact info from the PM and will call

looking forward to meeting you.... :

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Originally Posted by mntlion

L7: The corners aren't rounding are they????
Where else I'm I going to suggest? No matter what Tom says snowtips has done it too badly for too long to believe it's all goodness now. I'd hesitate to send him there in March but how bad can they screw it up when it's this quiet? Come on, how bad? Maybe don't answer that people will become afraid.

You do realize the kid is 14 as opposed to having size 14 feet? Nice little bit of trivia though.

BTW the decor in the store is burgundy.
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actually he wears size 14 too.... :
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Originally Posted by mikebike
actually he wears size 14 too.... :
I knew that could happen. I still don't know what prompted mtnlion to throw out that little piece of trivia though. I'm tellin' you the decor is burgundy.
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Winter temps on the hill today. -10 mid mountain mid morning. nothing went slushy but best thing about the forecast rain is it came down in a frozen fluffy state. Not lots but a few cms. Enough to mix in and soften things a bit. More would help. Not sure how much sunshine got but it could have been more. Looks like more is on it's way again as well. Damn spanish rains.
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L7 did your mother really name you L7 after a spanish galleon that sunk?

thanks for the update.... I am getting psyched... and ready to head north....

today I put over 100 miles on the Harley and then mountain biked for 1.5 hours.

I want to SKI.....:
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Originally Posted by mikebike
today I put over 100 miles on the Harley and then mountain biked for 1.5 hours.
Cross training! no better prep, hope I can keep up.
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Maui Steve/ Mikebike , you guys will be happy to hear it's snowing at Sunshine right now. There was a couple inches this morning and it was snowing late this afternoon , should be in good shape for the next few days. Get back to me and I'll meet you guys also.
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Originally Posted by L7
Not sure how much sunshine got but it could have been more.
4cm for this morning with more coming down right now (max 10cm so far, probably won't continue through the night)...

sunshine's base was decreasing by 5cm each day for the past few days. this snow is welcome news considering how hard it was on the weekend

edit: promising:

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Keep it coming!

Just make sure all that lovely white stuff keeps falling until I can get up there Thursday and Friday!
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Snow squalls and snow on ground in Banff. Oh looke it's clearing, blue sky and work got cancelled. Damn.
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L7 did not think you worked....LOL.

well how was it....
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L7: Where you at the lake today? I was up with Tom

NICE surprise. 10cm fresh, just started to soften/warm up at 1pm.

I think SSV Thus, to see the dive
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I was at the shine. 4 laps in the dive. Hiked to Galaxy chutes (F I think) and had knee deep blower. I was shocked how much there was. BreX was good boot top until the boarders trenched it out. Fat boy was lovely and left fence line was pristine boot top and just touching the crust underneath. All and all a worthwhile day. Drove to the lake the last 4 days and worried it would sock in and end the day early so saved the drive.

Mikebike the bad news (or good depending on your view) is I'm now working through the weekend. Don't know about next week yet. Hopefully slide out for something. Or I just checked your schedule. I should run away to ski at least one or two of those days. We'll tee something up.

work makes me sad.
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4 laps in the dive and hiking to chutes..... Yikes..: ..

maybe you missed the fact that I am a blue and easy black skier. I am thinking you may be bored to tears skiing with my son & I (luckily my wife (green & easy blue) skis by herself most of the day

i have you info and will call to see how it looks but keep our ability in mind .... I only get to ski 9 - 15 days a year.

sure looks like lots of precip forcast ....hope it comes down white & frozen
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Originally Posted by mikebike
....hope it comes down white & frozen
Spanish style. BTW suck it up soldier, no whining allowed. Just kidding I wouldn't suggest you or anyone ski something you're not comfortable with. After years of teaching and coaching I think I have a pretty good feel for that.
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I will call you on Saturday evening....

We will be skiing Sun Mon Tues Thurs & Fri you know

Leeroy from the board would like to ski as well he said you could call him......

you know where we are staying .... I will be out of internet contact once we get to banff.....

hope to catch some ones with you guys

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Yet another change of plans. I'm now off for the weekend. We should try to hook up for Sun. If Leeroy comes that means he'll want to ski Sunshine. I'll do some skiing with you guys and alternate some laps in the Dive if that's the case.

ps It's safe to ski with Leeroy et al as it appears I got his wife's and Dorothy's boot woes fixed. That should reduce the moaning down to just Leeroy's.
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sunday sounds good to will I find you .... guess I will call and figure the details... but Sunday sounds good... call Leeroy
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How was it today??

Was anyone skiing today in banff,, sunshine or the lake?? ,, had to work today, but headin up tomorrow,, is there any winter snow left?? should i get up early?? or wait till the sun warms things up a littl?/? any and all info is gr8tly appreciated thx alot...
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