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new volants

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Has anybody skied the new gravity 71 or the machete soul? do they ski any thing like the old ti powers or the t3 powers? Iwould love to know because I canot demo either in my area and would just have to throw a dart and order one of the two.
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I haven't skied those models, but in talking to the Volant rep at Loveland last Saturday I got the impression that the Machette Truth, Genesis Gold, and Gravity 68 were roughly today's equivalent to the Ti Powers, T3's and Machette G in the all mountain category. The Soul appears to be a pretty heavy duty free ride ski for the steep and deep similar in intent to the Machette McH (but with more side cut), the Gravity 71 similar but a little more easy going. The 71's and the Souls have a wider footprint, so they should be a bit better in powder than the Truth and the 68.

Last spring I had a chance to demo the Gravity 66 in a 175 length. I think this fits into the product line about where the Supercarve did. If this ski is any indication I would need to go shorter with the new product line than I did with the old ones. I'm used to sking on 183's, and the 175's felt too long! I also tried the Vertex 68 in a 165. It was fun ski - stable, quick turning, and it blew through the spring crud very nicely.

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Volant's new website is up and running if anyone hasn't seen it yet. Good descriptions and charts of all the skis.

http://www.volantsports.com/ [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Looking at the Volant website, I stand corrected on the new Machettes. It looks like the Truth and Soul both overlap the Ti and T3 Powers, with the Truth a little narrower and quicker turning than the Soul. They also overlap the new Gravity 71, with the Soul a bit wider, and the Truth a bit narrower. The one for "extreme descents" is the Sin which is a "super fat" design.

They sure have a lot of products with apparently subtle differences! It used to be so simple when there were Supercarves, PowerKarves, and Chubbs.

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